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Fox SS. 
“LSD alteration of optic potentials (cat lateral geniculate); block by schizophrenic serum”. 
Fed.Proc.. 1960;19:262.
The changes in optic potentials (lateral geniculate of cat) produced by LSD (i.v.) were blocked by serum from schizophrenic subjects. . "Small amounts of LSD injected i.v. into cats with electrodes in the lateral geniculate, 25 acute (curarized and respirated) and eight chronically implanted, significantly alters the evoked potential from light flashes at 4/sec. The change is seen as a 25-35 0ncrease in peak-to-peak amplitude, from 150 v average to 200 v. The wave form changes under LSD with an increase in the positive component and either no change or slight diminution in the negative component. Spontaneous activity following evoked activity also increases. Some distortion of the wave is also noticeable. In 13 out of 15 acute cases and in seven out of eight chronic cases, 5 cc. of serum from schizophrenic subjects essentially blocked the LSD effect; one nonschizophrenic serum of 15 showed this effect. All subjects were males of like age diagnosed by three concurring psychiatrists and were under like conditions; diet, drug withdrawal, activity, ward environment, etc. for 4- 12 weeks before testing."
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