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Klee GD, Bertino J, Callaway E, Weintraub W. 
“Clinical studies with LSD-25 and two substances related to serotonin”. 
J.Ment.Sci.. 1960;106:301.
In a double-blind study 6 normal subjects received 100 mcg. LSD orally following a dose of 200 mg. BAS (serotonin antagonist) 30 minutes before. 100 mg. BAS was administered 30 minutes later. BAS did not modify the LSD effect significantly. The assumption that LSD acquires its action in the brain under the influence of serotonin is questionable. . The same subjects were given 5-hydroxytryptophane before or after LSD. Unlike serotonin 5- hydroxytryptophane passes the blood-brain barrier and is converted in the brain to serotonin. 5- hydroxytryptophane did not influence the LSD effect. The question whether 5-hydroxytryptophane is psychically active could not be completely clarified.
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