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Woolley DW. 
“Serotonin in mental disorders”. 
Dis.Nerv.System. 1960;21:87.
The author reviews pharmacology and effect of serotonin and structural analogues (harmala alkaloids, yohimbine and ergot alkaloids) which cause psychiatric changes in men and behavioral changes in animals. . Peripheral injection of serotonin has no effect on the brain but the natural precursor, 5-hydroxytryptophane, passes the blood-brain barrier and increases the serotonin content of the brain. Serotonin given intracerebrally causes lethargy and in gigantic doses (1-2 mg/kg) violent convulsions in animals. . Certain human brain cells, oligodendroglia, react to serotonin with strong contraction. These are overcome by administration of synthetic antimetabolites of serotonin (e.g. medmain). LSD first relaxed and then strongly contracted oligodendroglia. The initial flaccidity could be prevented by serotonin. . Generally analogues of serotonin with serotonin-like action cause hallucinations and excitement. The antagonists cause depression and tranquilization. . LSD, bufotenine, Psilocybin and medmain act like serotonin but reach the brain when given peripherally. . BOL-148, 1-methyl-medmain and reserpine behave as antagonists of serotonin. BOL-148 causes severe mental depression in normal subjects. . Schizophrenics have more serotonin in the cerebrospinal fluid than healthy people. . Comment: The author believes that: "Serotonin plays a role in the brain and pharmacological interference with its function may influence mental and neurological processes. There is no proof that these relatives of serotonin do not affect other processes aside from those concerned with serotonin, and these other processes may be of great importance". . Regarding the 5-HT-like activities of LSD (on blood pressure of dog, on the heart of Venus mercenaria) see 205, and regarding other topics dealt with in the present publication, see 53, 53a, 221, 308, 565.
Notes # : (4th Annual Meeting, Eastern Psychiat. Res. Assoc., New York, Oct. 1959)
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