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Taeschler M, Cerletti A. 
“Zur Pharmakologie psychoaktiver Wirkstoffe”. 
Munchen. med. Wschr.. 1960;102:1000.
I. From the results described by Taeschler, it follows that: 1) The inhibition of the avoidance response in rats by various phenothiazine - tranquilizers, including Mellaril, does not depend on selective reduction of anxiety but on inhibition of drive which after higher doses is manifested as "catalepsy". 2) An appropriate criterium for the reduction of anxiety is the inhibition of emotional defecation. This inhibitory effect on the defecation which is independent of inhibition on drive, corresponds to a great extent to the psychic effect in man. Mellaril as the only one of the investigated drugs inhibits emotional defecation in markedly lower dosage than the avoidance response, i.e. the motor drive. . II. The central sympathetic stimulating agent LSD shortens the reaction time in the conditioned avoidance test of rats and in analgesic tests in mice, obviously by sensitization of the CNS for afferent impulses. (See 768) . III. In view of the close connection between psychic and autonomic regulation, evaulation of the autonomic and somato-sensory effects of psychic drugs corresponds best to their mechanism of action and it is more useful than the analysis of purely motor phenomena.
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