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Sandison RA. 
“Discussion Fourth Symposium: Comparison of drug-induced and endogenous psychoses in man.”. 
Neuro-Psychopharmacology. 1959;p176.
Drug-induced and endogenous psychosis can be best differentiated by the Powick Hospital rating scale. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of various psychic functions. Differences observed between schizophrenia and the LSD state (rating scale). Memory and recall, awareness and concentration: under LSD simple tests of memory and orientation in space and time remain uneffected. Recall requiring a greater concentration is impaired. In schizophrenia memory and recall are often unimpaired. If memory fails in difficult tests, it usually also fails in simple tests. Perception: under LSD distortion or elaboration of existing perceptions (hallucinations) are most frequently in the visual, olfactory and haptic areas, while in schizophrenia auditory and haptic hallucinations are the most common. Thought process: insight is retained under LSD and impaired in schizophrenia. Flight of ideas appears more in schizophrenia. Affect: flattening of affect in schizophrenia, emotional lability, anxiety and agitation in the LSD state. Relationship to reality: in the LSD state it is subjective, while the schizophrenic patient cannot relate himself to external reality. Body image distortion common in the LSD state is rare in schizophrenia. Behavior: both conditions show some similarity but the LSD patient nevertheless has more insight and can give a partially rational explanation for his acts. The author concludes that the LSD state appears to behave like a psychosis although it is difficult to compare it with schizophrenia. This study is a comparison of schizophrenics receiving chlorpromazine and patients who were improved by chlorpromazine during the course of the LSD state. In the schizophrenic state changes of behavior and thought disorder occur, in the LSD state the main effect is on affect and as a result behavior is improved.
Notes # : Proceedings of the 1st International Congress of Neuro-Psychopharmacology, Rome, September 1958
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