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Sandison RA. 
“The role of psychotropic drugs in individual therapy”. 
Bull.Org.mond.Sante. 1959;21:495.
A review is given of the use of various drugs in psychotherapy. It is suggested that tranquilizing drugs may be used in association with psychotherapy in four ways: for controlling symptoms; for releasing unconscious material; for controlling disturbances associated with such release; and for removing inhibitions. These ways are critically examined, and, in particular, the use of LSD in psychological medicine is dealt with in some detail. . It is claimed LSD assists by bringing out unconscious material more quickly and by releasing material inaccessible to standard methods of analysis. The associated symptoms of an undesirable nature may be controlled by a variety of drugs, thus, less stable patients including psychotics can be selected for psychotherapy. (See 48, 49, 80, 232)
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