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Matthies H, Sziegoleit W. 
“Die Beeinflussung der Acetylcholinreizung peripherer Nervenendigungen durch 5-Hydroxytryptamin und Lysergsäurediäthylamid”. 
Naturwissenschaften. 1959;46:605.
Instillation of acetylcholine solution into the conjunctival sac of guinea pigs elicited reflex closure of the eyelid, the duration of which was proportional to the logarithm of the concentration of acetylcholine. 5- hydroxytryptamine, even in concentrations of 10-3 g/ml, did not elicit eyelid closure, but very significantly prolonged the effect of acetylcholine when given before the latter. This effect was observed even with doses as small as 2.5x10-6 g/ml 5-HT. . This potentiating effect of 5-HT was abolished by instillation of 10-5 g/ml LSD before or after 5-HT. . The authors suspect that 5-HT may not act as a transmitter substance in the central nervous system but may regulate the sensitivity of certain cholinergic synapses.
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