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Birkmayer W, Danielczk W. 
“Die vegetative Regulationsfähigkeit im Alter”. 
Ges. z. Förderung wiss. Forschg.. 1958;p195.
Studies with LSD and 5-hydroxytryptamine confirmed that autonomic reactivity is reduced in old age. . 70 g LSD i.v., given to a woman aged 27 increased respiratory rate, decreased chronaxia [of motor nerve] and caused "tremor, motor restlessness and anxiety with tension as a sympathetic reaction." An identical dose of LSD given to a man aged 70 produced no significant changes. . 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5 mg i.v. + 5 mg s.c.) given to a woman aged 31 produced an initial rise and secondary fall in blood pressure, respiratory rate and pulse rate, increased chronaxia and produced bronchospastic symptoms, drowsiness, introversoin and depression. This parasympathetic reaction may last some days in young people. An identical dose of 5-hydroxytryptamine given to a man aged 75 exerted hardly any effect.
Notes # : (Oesterr. Fortbildungskurs f. Geriatrie./Medizinische und soziale Altersprobleme, Herausgeber: W. Doberauer, Wien)
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