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Irányi J, Fráter R. 
“Adatok a kísérletes lysergsav-diathylamid psychosis tünettánahoz. (Angaben sur Symptomatologie er experimentallen Lysergsäurediäthylamid-Psychose)”. 
Ideggyógyászati Szemle. 1957;10:97-101.
In personal studies, the authors found that oral doses of 50 to 60 mcg LSD caused a mild psychosis of the acute, exogenous reaction type. . In 29 psychiatric patients (including 21 schizophrenics) 10-150 mcg LSD orally gave rise to symptoms which were quantitatively and qualitatively independent of the dose. Psychiatric patients were more tolerant to LSD. Two cases of Korsakow's psychosis did not respond to 10-15 mcg LSD. The peripheral circulation, as observed oscillometrically, was not affected by LSD.
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