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Jatzkewitz H. 
“Psychotropie Substanzen und "endogene" Psychose. (Pathophysiologische Aspekte bei Psychosen. Symposium im Rahmen des 2. Interantionalen Kongresses für Psychiatrie, Zürich, 1-7 Sept. 1957)”. 
Confinia neurol.. 1958;18:96-100.
A contribution to fundamental research on somatic factors in endogenous psychoses. In human beings LSD elicits schizophrenia-like, psychic symptoms. In human beings and rabbits LSD and bacterial toxins elicit somatic symptoms resembling those of "pernicious" catatonia. The possible connections between the effect of LSD and schizophrenia are discussed.
Notes # : (Zusammenfassung p. 115)
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