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Doepfner W, Cerletti A. 
“Comparison of lysergic acid derivatives and antihistamines as inhibitors of the edema provoked in the rat's paw by serotonin”. 
Int. Arch. Allergy. 1958;12:89-97.
The edema induced in the rat paw by local injection of serotonin is more marked than that induced by amounts of histamine which are 200 times as great. . The serotonin-induced edema is easily blocked by various amide derivatives of lysergic acid. Two of these derivatives, the methyl derivatives of ergonovine and methyl-ergonovine, proved to be more powerful anti- serotonins than LSD. . Of the eight antihistamines studied, only representatives of the phenothiazine and piperidine groups markedly inhibited the serotonin-induced edema. The doses necessary were 100-1000 times as great as those of the most potent lysergic acid derivatives.
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