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Lewis DJ, Sloane RB. 
“Therapy with lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
J. Clin. & Exper. Psychopath.. 1958;19:19.
A therapeutic trial was made of LSD in 23 patients with obsessional disease (11 cases) psychoneurotic syndromes embracing anxiety and depression (11 cases) or schizophrenia (1 case). . 1 to 25 treatments were given, usually once weekly, with LSD (25 to 500 mcg orally or i.v.). Treatment lasted a few weeks to 4 months, with psychotherapy for up to 1 year. . Overall, 12 patients improved, 9 were unchanged and 2 became, at least temporarily worse. Of the patients with obsessional illness, 5 improved, 5 were unchanged and 1 became worse. . LSD is regarded as an interesting and potentially valuable psychotherapeutic tool. It is of considerable value in loosening represseive bonds, but it is not without danger. The outcome of treatment with LSD is largely dependent on the therapist's handling of the fresh problems raised by LSD treatment.
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