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Sailer S, Stumpf C. 
“Reserpinwirkung auf das Kininchen-ECG”. 
Arch. exper. Path. Pharmak.. 1957;230:378.
Reserpine (2 mg/kg i.v.) caused no immediate changes in the electrocorticogram of 24 rabbits in the waking state. 30-75 minutes after the injection there was a typical arousal reaction (low-voltage, high frequency waves in the pre-central regions and 4-6 cps rhythm in the parietal regions). These changes persisted for 4-7 hours. . Reserpine had no effect on the arousal reaction elicited by pervitin but prevented the arousal reaction elicited by mescaline. . LSD (30 mcg/kg i.v.) caused a general flattening of the tracing, but was practically without effect when reserpine (2 mg/kg i.v.) was given five hours previously. Subsequent administration of 20-30 mcg/kg LSD resulted in a flatter tracing in some experiments. Nevertheless, the effect of 50-60 mcg/kg LSD given after reserpine was less than that of 30 mcg/kg LSD alone.
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