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Cerletti A, Doepfner W. 
“Comparative study on the serotonin antagonism of amide derivatives of lysergic acid and of ergot alkaloids”. 
J. Pharmacol. Exper. Therap.. 1958;122:124.
Detailed report on studies on the isolated rat uterus carried out in our laboratories. The data not previously reported include: . 1) 1-LSD, d-iso-LSD and 1-iso-LSD exerted practically no anti-serotonin effect. The effect of d-dihydro- LDS was 520f that of LSD. . 2) Natural and DH-alkaloids with an anti-serotonin effect greater than 100f that of LSD were: DHE (11.1%), ergonovine (17%), dihydroergonovine (19.7%), Methergine (61.4%) and dihydro-Methergine (58.1%). . 3) The ring-substituted LSD derivatives which were superior to LSD include 1-methyl-2-brom- LSD (MOB 61) which was the most potent compound, its effect being 5.3 times that of LSD. There is no direct relationship between the peripheral anti-serotonin effect on smooth muscle and the effects on the CNS. However, it is of interest that of about 20 LSD derivatives LSD is the most active inhibitor of serotonin. Only clinical studies will show whether the agents which are more potent than LSD as serotonin inhibitors also exert psychic effects.
Notes # : (auch BOL-, DHE-, Gy-, LAE-, Meth-Erw.A)
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