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Vaiva G, Boss V, Bailly D, Thomas P, Lestavel P, Goudemand M. 
“An 'Accidental' Acute Psychosis with Ecstasy Use”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 2001 Jan-Mar;33(1):95-8.
Over the last 10 years, Europe has witnessed the development of the ecstasy phenomenon; this term is used to describe several products shanng more or less the same effects. The most widely used and hence the most well known is 3,4-MDMA, but MDA, MDEA. MBDB and even 2CB or nexus are available. The psychopathological consequences of MDMA use in manare relatively poorly understood. The case reported here involvesan acute psychotic episode with residual symptoms after six months, with a sudden onset at least 12 hours after taking alcohol and ecstasy without realising it, in an individual with no previous psychopathology other than a moderate anxiety disorder. Twelve cases of acute psychotic episodes after taking ecstasy have been reported in the literature; two after taking the drug ontwo occasions and one after a single use. No authors have examined the previous mental state or possible previous psychopathology with any preci- sion. The present subject had not displayed any previous psychotic behavior when tested with a proven standardized interview technique; this was confirmed by his peers and his faro- ily. He did, however, show signs of social phobia. Although the personality of an individual is a factor in taking a drug, and probably in the quality of the psychotropic effects experienced, a host of arguments favor the appearance of psychotic symptoms de novo, which were probably related to direct toxicity by MDMA and/or its metabolites on the serotoninergic neurons.
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