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Editorial Mushroom magic M. D. Canada 1960
Editorial "Tangled web" helps drug testing Med. News 1960
Editorial Hallucinogenic drugs. The future Lancet 1961
Editorial Lysergic acid and psychotic art Pfizer-Specrum 1961
Editorial 297-Mg. Shot of LSD kills bull elephant. Shaken with seizure, dies in... Med. Tribune 1962
Editorial Psychiater tötet mangels medizinischer Kenntnisse einen Zoo-Elefanten Tier 1963
Editorial Lysergic Acid in treatment of neuroses Brit. med. J. 1963
Editorial LSD: The Promise and the Peril Sciences 1963
Editorial Psychotoxic Drugs: Dodd Bill Passes Senate, Comes to Rest in the Hous... Science 1964
Editorial LSD used as analgesic J. Am. med. Assoc. 1964
Editorial No need to control LSD Med. News 1964
Editorial Morning-glory seeds, (Outlook/Cell membrane study may shed light on in... Med. World News 1965
Editorial Outlook/MD says hands spread hospital staph infections. Big instituti... Med. World News 1965
Editorial The Gates to Paradise M.D. 1965
Editorial Medical News: Regulations imposed on use of hallucinogenic drugs New York J. Med. 1965
Editorial: Medical News: Regulations imposed on use of hallucinogenic drugs New York M. Med. 1965
Savage C, Stolaroff MJ Clarifying the Confusion Regarding LSD-25 J. Nerv. Ment. Dis. 1965
Editorial Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Drug Ther. Bull. 1965
Editorial LSD - A dangerous drug New Eng. J. Med. 1965
Metzner R, Weil GM Editorial Psychedelic Rev. 1965
Editorial Bizarre world of LSD may set alcoholics straight Med. Wld News 1965
Editorial LSD - a dangerous drug New Engl. J. Med. 1965
Editorial Pros and Con Regarding LSD (Letters to Editor from: Frank Fremont-Smit... New Eng. J. Med. 1966
Editorial Federal Health Agency Acquires LSD Stocks M. World News 1966
Editorial LSD on the Campus AMA News 1966
Editorial Further Consideration of Dangers of LSD New Eng. J Med. 1966
Editorial Psychedelism Reconsidered M. Sc. 1966
Editorial States Move to Ban LSD AMA News 1966
Editorial Is the "trip" over for LSD? Business Week 1966
Editorial Drug Control Law Poses Increased Paper Work: MDs must keep full recor... Med. World News 1966
Editorial Drug Control Law Poses Increased Paper Work; MD's must keep full reco... Med. World News 1966
Editorial Washington News: Abuse Drugs Listed JAMA 1966
Editorial: Washington News: Abuse Drugs Listed JAMA 1966
Editorial Two New Laws Relating to Psychedelics Psychedelic Rev. 1966
Metzner R Editorial Psychedelic Rev. 1966
Editorial LSD: the search for definite conclusions J. Amer. Med. Ass. 1966
Editorial Effects of L.S.D. Brit. med. J. 1966
Editorial Lysergic acid limitations Chem. and Drugg. 1966
Editorial L.S.D. 25 to be restricted to doctors Brit. Med. J. 1966
Editorial Report from the A.M.A. - Chicago Ill. N.Y. Med. 1966
Editorial Les ravages du L.S.D. Instant Méd. 1966
Editorial LSD Med. Letter 1967
Editorial Preventing misuse of LSD The Lancet 1967
Editorial Preventing misuse of LSD Lancet 1967
Editorial Hallucinations to Order [in News and Views] Nature 1967
Lane JM Assessment of LSD New England Journal ... 1968
Editorial Hazards of indiscriminate use of LSD getting across New York State Journ... 1968
Editorial Hallucinogenic drugs Medical Journal of A... 1968
Editorial Encephalocele linked with LSD J. Amer. med. Ass. 1968
Editorial A genetic trip J. Amer. med. Ass. 1968
Editorial Chromosome injuries: vital or not? J. Amer. med. Ass. 1968
Editorial Awareness of hazard cuts down use of LSD Illinois med. J. 1968
Editorial La drogue du siècle: le LSD. Les psycho-dysleptiques. Qu'est-ce qu'un ... Méd. Prat. 1968
Editorial Action of hallucinogenic drugs. From a correspondent Nature 1968
Editorial LSD and Marihuana Science 1968
Editorial LSD obsolet Selecta 1968
Editorial LSD aus verschiedener Sicht Med. Mschr. 1968
Editorial Verminderte Intelligenz durch LSD Dtsch. Aerztabl. 1968
Editorial Intelligenzverluste durch LSD Oest. Aerzteztg. 1969
Editorial Leukämia and L.S.D. Brit. Med. JH. 1969
Editorial LSD therapy - no help for alcoholics Chem. Engng News 1969
Editorial Genetische Schäden durch psychotrope Substanzen? Lsd alterierte Leber... Genetische SchPraxis... 1969
Editorial Marihuana and LSD Med. J. Aust. 1969
Editorial LSD-Trip als Psychotherapeutikum für Krebskranke und Alkoholiker angew... Med. Trib. 1969
Editorial Psychotropic drugs and chromosome abnormalities Internationa Drug Th... 1969
Editorial Non-medical use of drugs with particular reference to youth Canad. Med. Ass. J. 1969
Editorial LSD fed to pregnant rats has caused biochemical defects in their offsp... Chem. Engng. News 1970
Editorial Schädigt LSD Chromosomen? Aerztl. Prax. 1970
Editorial LSD schädigt Chromosomen nicht Europa Med. 1970
Editorial Link between LSD and birth defects reported J. Amer. Med. Ass. 1970
Editorial Hauptsymposium über Halluzinogene. Generalversammlung beschliesst neu... Pharm. Ztg. 1970
Editorial Diagnosis and management of reactions to drug abuse Med. Lett. Drug. The... 1970
Editorial F.I.P. auf neuem Weg in die Zukunft. Erfolgreiches Symposium über hall... Dtsch. Apoth. -Ztg. 1970
Editorial Arzneimittelsucht. Ein Symposium in Genf. Dtsch. Apoth. -Ztg. 1970
Editorial Symposium on Hallucinogens Pharm. J. 1970
Editorial Halluzinogene Stoffe Oest. Apoth. -Ztg. 1970
Editorial Hauptreferate des FIP-Kongresses 1970 in Kurzfassung Schweiz. Apoth. -Ztg... 1970
Editorial LSD-Entdecker warnt Aerztl. Prax. 1970
Editorial L.S.D. in psychiatry Lancet 1970
Editorial LSD-Erfahrungen retrospektiv betrachtet Aerztl. Prax. 1970
Editorial LSD et chromosomes Méd. et Hyg. 1971
Editorial LSD and gangrenous hand infection Med. Wld News 1972
Editorial New assay detects LSD in body fluids J. Amer. med. Ass. 1972
Editorial LSD-Gruppenvergiftung bei Kindern Aerzt. Prax. 1972
Editorial Rauschgifttest Merck: Ein einfaches Hilfsmittel zur schnellen Identifi... Oest. Apoth. -Ztg. 1973
Editorial LSD therapy and subsequent pregnancy Brit. med. J. 1973
Editorial Défense contre les agressifs chimiques de guerre toxiques létaux-toxiq... Médecine et Armés 1973
Editorial Aerztliche Massnahmen zur Behandlung von Drogenabhängigkeit Arzneimittelbrief 1973
Editorial FDA Lists Approved LSD Research Projects FDA Consumer 1975
Editorial Latest LSD Charge: forcible air force experiments Med World News 1975
Bloom AD Editorial: Peyote (mescaline) and human chromosomes JAMA 1975
Editorial Sucht-Drogen: Impfung inaktiviert LSD Selecta 1976
Editorial Is this how LSD makes cats hallucinate? New Scientist 1977
Editorial How is the differential diagnosis made between (a) acute alcohol poiso... Brit. med. J. 1980
Editorial Arguments Heard for Psychedelics Probe Science 1980
Editorial Wie evoziert das LSD: Halluzinationen und Träume? Praxis-Kurier 1980
Editorial Tod-geweihte: LSD hilft sterben Selecta 1980
McLellan, AT, Woody GE, O... Psychiatric Illness in Drug Abusers New Engl. J. Med. 1980
Saunders N Ecstasy and neurodegeneration. No Evidence of Neurotoxicity Exists BMJ 1996
Polifka JE, Shepard TH Studies of the fetal effects of dextromethorphan in ovo Teratology 1999

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