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Syrian Rue
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Peganum harmala Seeds (Syrian Rue) #
Syrian Rue seeds from Amsterdam next to a quarter for size comparison. [NY, USA]
Photo by V.J.D. © 2007
Approximagely 10 grams of syrian rue seeds being held in a hand. [GA, USA]
Photo by H. Turner. © 2007
Several Peganum harmala Seeds next to a coin for size comparison. [Italy]
Photo by Ooz. © 2007
Color photo of seeds.
Photographer Unknown.
Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue) #
Closeup of Peganum harmala with seedpods. One of approximately twenty plants growing in a sunny zone in an alluvial terrace near rio Ebro. [Spain]
Photo by Angel Garcia. © 2006
Photo showing a flowering Peganum harmala plant. [Israel]
Photo by Anonymous. © 2007
Three month old Peganum harmala plant. [Spain]
Photo by D & J. © 2007
Peganum harmala cuttings in Jiffy cubes after approximately 10 weeks in a humidity dome. Strike rate estimated at 20% or less. Cuttings were made from newly emerging shoots in early Spring. [New Zealand]
Photo by Ngati Wikitoria. © 2010
Color photo of several plants growing naturally.
Photographer Unknown.
Botanical Drawings #
Color botanical drawing showing Peganum harmala plant, fruit, seeds and flower.
Unknown Artist.
Color drawing of plant.
Artist Unknown.
Black and white drawing of plant.
Artist Unknown.
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