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Phalaris Journal Articles & Abstracts



Alkaloids and palatability of P. arundinacea grown in diverse environments., by G.C. Maten et al.
Agronomy Journal Vol 65; 199-201
(No Text Available)

Alkaloid levels in Phalaris aquatica L. as affected by environment., by D.M. Ball, and C.S. Hoveland
Agronomy Journal Vol 70, 1978; 977-981
(No Text Available)

Alkaloids of reed canary grass as influenced by nutrient supply, by G.C. Marten, A.B. Simons, and J.R. Frelich
Agronomy Journal Vol 66, 1974; 363-368
(No Text Available)

Genetic control and seasonal variation of some alkaloids in reed canary grass, by D.L. Woods et al.
Canadian Journal of plant Science Vol 51; 323-329
(No Text Available)

N,N-dimethyltryptamine production in Phalaris aquatica seedlings: a mathematical model for its synthesis, by J.P.G. Mack, D.P. Mulvena, and M. Slaytor
Plant Physiology Vol 88, 1988; 315-320
(No Text Available)

Relationship of indole alkaloids to palatabilit of P. arundinacea., by A.B. Simons et al.
Agronomy Journal Vol 63; 915-919
(No Text Available)