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Mitragyna speciosa Cultivation Tips
by Erowid
v0.1 - Mar 21, 2004
The following cultivation tips have been gathered in various places across the web and elsewhere. We are not experts in this field. If you have additional comments or corrections for this page, please let us know.

  • Kratom cuttings are, at this point, considered somewhat difficult to grow, though the plants themselves, once established, are relatively hardy.
  • Because of the difficulty in getting cuttings to root, many people are experimenting with cloning.
  • Two of the primary difficulties with cuttings appear to be that they are either attacked by fungus or simply never put out roots. Suggestions for dealing with these problems include: putting the cutting in water with an air bubbler to increase oxygen levels; using a small amount of fungicide in the water to ward of fungus growth; changing the water every day to reduce chances of fungus. One person has found success using rockwool to hold the cutting in moisture while still allowing air flow, changing the water every day to cut down on fungus growth, and adding nutrients (superthrive) as roots start to grow.
  • Shaman Australis has noted that plants grown in cold climates are weak. Plants grown in subtropics/warm temperate are weak in late winter and spring, but potent in late summer autumn and early winter. Most plants grown in a hothouse are also weak (reason not understood).