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Kava Journal Articles & Abstracts

Medical Use
Health & Toxicity
Traditional Uses


Identification of the products obtained by steam distillation and aqueous acid extraction of Piper methysticum, by D. Cheng; R.O. Lidgard; P.H. Duffield; A.M. Duffield; J.J. Brophy
Biomedical & Environmental Mass Spectrometry Vol 17 (No. 5) Nov 1988; 371-376

Development of tolerance to kava in mice, by P.H. Duffield; D. Jamieson
Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology Vol 18 (No. 8) Aug 1991; 1-8

Identification of some human urinary metabolites of the intoxicating beverage kava, by A.M. Duffield; D.D. Jamieson; R.O. Lidgard; P.H. Duffield; D.J. Bourne
Journal of Chromatography Vol 475, July 28 1989; 273-281

Comparison of the central nervous system activity of the aqueous and lipid extract of kava (Piper methysticum), by D.D. Jamieson; P.H. Duffield; D. Cheng; A.M. Duffield
Archive of Int Pharmacodynamic Therapy Vol 301, Sep-Oct 1989; 81-90

Uptake into mouse brain of four compounds present in the psychoactive beverage kava, by J. Keledjian; P.H. Duffield; D.D. Jamieson; R.O. Lidgard; A.M. Duffield
Journal of Pharm Science Vol 77 (No. 12) Dec 1988; 1003-1006



Effects of kava on neuromuscular transmission and muscle contractility, by Y.N. Singh
Journal of Ethnopharmacology Vol 7 (No. 3) May 1983; 267-276

Some Visual effects caused by the beverage Kava, by L.F. Garner; J.D. Klinger
Journal of Ethnopharmacology Vol 13 (No. 3) July 1985; 307-311

Effect of Kava-Special Extract WS 1490 combined with ethyl alcohol on safety-relevant performance parametersby K.W. Herberg
Blutalkohol Vol. 30 (No. 2) Mar 1993; 96-105



Efficacy of kava-kava in the treatment of non-psychotic anxiety, following pretreatment with benzodiazepines, by Malsch U, Kieser M
Psychopharmacology (Berl)157(3):277-83, Sep 2001
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Kava extract for treating anxiety (Cochrane Review), by Pittler M, Edzard E
Cochrane Database Syst Rev ab003383-20014, 2001
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Antithrombotic action of the kava pyrone (+)-kavain prepared from Piper methysticum on human platelets, by J. Gleitz; A. Beile; P. Wilkens; A. Ameri; T. Peters
Planta Med Vol 63 (No. 1) Feb 1997; 27-30

Anticonvulsive action of (+/-)-kavain estimated from its properties on stimulated synaptosomes and Na+ channel receptor sites, by J. Gleitz; J. Friese; A. Beile; A. Ameri; T. Peters
European Journal of Pharmacology Vol 315 (No. 1) Nov 7 1996; 89-97

Effect of a special kava extract in patients with anxiety-, tension-, and excitation states of non-psychotic genesis. Double blind study with placebos over 4 weeks, by E. Kinzler; J. Kromer; E. Lehmann
Arzneimittelforschung Vol 41 (No. 6) June 1991; 584-588

Kava-kava extract WS 1490 versus placebo in anxiety disorders -- a randomized placebo-controlled 25-week outpatient trial, by H.P. Volz; M. Kieser
Pharmopsychiatry Vol 30 (No. 1) 1997; 1-5
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Psychosomatic dysfunctions in the female climacteric. Clinical effectiveness and tolerance of Kava Extract WS 1490, by G. Warnecke
Fortschr Med Vol 109 (No. 4) Feb 10 1991; 119-122



Effects of the heavy usage of kava on physical health: summary of a pilot survey in an aboriginal community by J.D. Mathews; M.D. Riley; L. Fejo; E. Munoz; N.R. Milns; I.D. Gardner; J.R. Powers; E. Ganygulpa; B.J. Gununuwawuy
Medical Letters & Drug Therapy Vol. 148 (No. 11) June 6 1988; 548-555

Hepatitis associated with Kava, a herbal remedy for anxiety, by Escher M, Desmeules J, Giostra E, Mentha G
BMJ 322(7294):1097 May 2001
Case Report: (View Reference)

[Fulminant liver failure after administration of the herbal antidepressant Kava-Kava. - Article in Deutsch], by Kraft M, Spahn TW, Menzel J, Senninger N, Dietl KH, Herbst H, Domschke W, Lerch MM
Dtsch Med Wochenschr, 126(36):970-2 2001
Case Report: (View Reference)

Kava Kava: Gift of the Islands, by Piscopo G
Alt Med Rev, 2(5):355-64 1997
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Kava Dermopathy, by S.A. Norton; P. Ruze
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Vol 31 (No. 1) Jul 1994; 89-97

Hematogenous contact eczema cause by phytogenic drugs exemplified by kava root extract, by R. Suss; P. Lehmann
Hautarzt Vol 47 (No. 6) June 1996; 459-461

Kava-induced dermopathy: a niacin deficiency?, by P. Ruze
The Lancet Vol 335 (No. 8703) June 16 1990; 1442-1445



Chemical archaeology of kava, a potent brew, by C.H. Hocart; B. Fankhauser; D.W. Buckle
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom Vol 7 (No. 3) Mar 1993; 219-224

Kava, alcohol and tobacco consumption among Tongans with urbanization, by S.A. Finau; J.M. Stanhope; I.A. Prior
Social Sci Medicine Vol 16 (No. 1) 1982; 35-41