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Archived Images #
Hyoscyamus niger (henbane) #
Hyoscyamus niger plant. [Sweden]
Photo by Edmund. © 2007
Nice color photo of small Hyoscyamus niger plant [Poland].
Photo by Black Panther [], © 2004
Color photo of a small potted H. niger plant growing outdoors in September [Indiana].
Photo by Oziom, © 2002
Color photo of three H. niger seedlings growing in dry ground in September [Indiana].
Photo by Oziom, © 2002
Color photo of a one year old Hyoscyamus niger grown indoors from wild seeds. [Poland]
Photo by Black Panther [], © 2003
Hyoscyamus albus (white henbane) #
White henbane (Hyoscyamus albus [ex La Gomera]) stalk with flowers. [UK]
Photo by Farmer Dodds. © 2012
Hyoscyamus niger Flowers #
Close-up of Hyoscyamus niger flowers in June. [Oslo, Norway]
Photo by Kjell Hernes. © 2007
Beautiful color photo of a flowering Hyoscyamus niger grown indoors.
Photo by Rob Jackson, © 2002
Henbane seedpods beginning to grow. [Canada]
Photo by Ry0nBeck. © 2007
Botanical Drawings #
Black and white drawing.
Artist Unknown
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