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Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (William Moreno)
Subject: Re: Searching for Pot-Beer recipe
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1993 18:06:44 GMT

The following is from the "Ask Ed" column of the February 1991 issue of
_High Times_ (Reprinted without permission):


When making beer, can I add MJ at the time I add hops? Would the THC
dissolve in the beer and would it contribute to the high and taste of the
beer? How much pot is added to the wort(malt, hops and water mix)?
                                        Ganja Brew
                                        Marysville, CA

[Ed answers:]

MJ can be added to the beer at the same time hops are added. THC is oil/
alcohol soluble and some of it will dissolve in the brew as it ferments.
     Before being used for brew, the MJ should be thoroughly dried until
it is crispy. This activates all the THC by removing water molecules from
the THC molecules. Next the MJ should be gently washed by soaking it in
cold water for several hours. This removes some of the water soluble tars
and chlorophyll associated with the "grassy" taste of MJ injestables.
     Nevil, of the Seed Bank, first discorved that when soaking in cold
water, some of the glands fall off the pot and collect on the bottom of
the container. These glands are so clean and free of plant debris, that
when smoked they produce hardly any smoke and only an "essence" of taste.
It's almost like smoking oil. Nevil also discovered that these glands can
be rolled into a very brittle "hash". However, this material melts easily
when heated, and does not re-solidify.
     One easy way to handle the MJ is by using a giant nylon net "tea bag".
These are often sold in brewing stores.
     It is hard to say how much MJ goes in the brew since different people
are sensitive to different amounts, and the quality of MJ varies greatly.
Years ago, the Unknown Brewer used to add one ounce shade leaves per
gallon of brew. This comes to about 1/10 ounce per bottle. Of course,
less high quality grass would be needed.


Personally, the only thing I know about beer brewing is that the finished
product is at my local supermarket. Please don'thold me responsible if
this just wastes your bud (this IS a pun (MOAN) :-). I hope this infor-
mation helps you. If you try it, let us know if it worked.

Will M.