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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 15:18:49 -0500 (EST)
From: The Hollow One 
Subject: new file

i surfed the web sites a few dozen times and on a lot of the major pages
ive noticed a few things missing whenever it came to doing hash or hash oil
... it seems like a lot of people put emphasis on this smoking "vapour" off
of oil... and from experience ive tried it before and its pretty much a joke.
you arent going to catch jack this way unless you are super patient and like
to sit around all day sucking on spoons and things... i have NEVER heard of
people doing this shit before, so any of this nonsense about heat "burning"
up all the thc sounds a little overstated to me.. yer "burning" thc in a
joint or a pipe too and thats been working pretty damn fine so far :-)
the aesthetic rewards of being able to SMOKE hash alone should outweigh any
fear of burning up half a percent of THC or what have you...

the ways i have ALWAYS done hash/oil are the following:

1 - in a joint, just dab some oil or broken bits of hash in there with
    some tobacco or some dope.. even leaf is nice cuz its a little easier
    to toke pot then tobacco in my experience.. tobacco burns so much
    quicker too... anyhow, put your stuff in, spark it and smoke it like
    a regular joint.. this is by far the most inefficient way and i
    practically never do this.. but in a pinch it will do. (especially when
    you only have a little hash and lots of friends :>  .. you can also
    coat a pin and stick it down in a cigarette and rub the oil off on the
    tobacco around it.. after all a cigarette with filter and all looks
    pretty innocuous and you can smoke this practically anywhere...
    (sporting events, concerts, anything where yer not too sure if its gonna
    be an open-drug sort of environment and want to play it safe) ...
    a guy in my town takes zigzags and coats them in oil.. like literally
    SOAKS them in some serious black hash oil.. then sells em for a buck.
    if you wanna make some quick cash with your oil this is a good trick.
    $70 worth of oil will thoroughly coat 100 papers.. at a dollar a pop
    people will buy em up mighty quickly but you turn a profit.. with which
    you can go buy more oil.. :>  and its good for the dupes too cuz when
    your poor, $5 will get you and your mates a little buzzin... heh..
    another kinda dirty trick is to pass off roofing tar as oil.. i have
    watched this happen to people i know several times... i dont have any
    advice on this.. safest bet is to take a toke of the shit right before
    you buy it.. its not worth $30 or $35 to get shafted like that.. or
    if you LIKE shafting people what you can do with the B.T. business i
    describe down below.. is to do the bottle normally, but while the bead
    burning.. smoke the cigarette.. :>  the hash wont go in the bottle but
    into YOU.. you wont get ALL of the hash this way.. and its not very
    efficient, but what [it will work].

2 - hot knives are probably the most efficient way of smoking hash or oil,
    you get absoloutely everything out of it this way... take a knife (i
    have always used two, usually with wooden handles so you can get em hot
    without melting), take the knives and put them on the element of an
    electric stove and let em roast there for a bit.. (dont get too crazy,
    someones gonna have to hold these and not get REALLY burned)... anyhow,
    once theyre piping hot you take a *SMALL* bead of hash or hash oil and
    plop it down on one knife and sandwich it inbetween the two blades..
    having one blade isnt so great cuz it more or less sears the one side of
    yer bead and im willing to bet some is gonna be wasted.. so we always
    mash it in there and smoke comes *BELLOWING* out.. thus you can see the
    reason for a small bead... get 2 or 3 people to suck up all the smoke
    with straws/bic pens... whatever.. the best gimmick we had was this
    real long thin rubber tubing.. like 5 feet of the shit.. and because
    the ends are so small you can get like 5 or 6 people all squeezed around
    the knife and toke ALL the smoke almost instantly... this way theres no
    waste and its cool cuz like you can do one dab right after the other..
    now.. the problem with hot knives is.. i dont live on my own.. and 
    do the majority of my friends.. the smell from hash isnt really strong
    compared to dope.. but hey, its still a slight odour, and theres lots
    of smoke!  so as a general rule its pretty rare i get to hot knife in
    someones house... (same goes for making hash and hash oil.. so find a
    dude who lives on his own and become his best friend? :)  i as a general
    rule dont like hot knives as much as bottle tokes cuz theres something
    kinda hardcore about sitting around a stove sucking on a tube.. the
    whole kitchen scene reminds me too much of smoking crack or something
    i dont know.. call me weird.. so i stick to B.T.s (described down below)

3 - pipes.. yea... pretty much the same as a joint.. the idea is to smoke
    the hash and not waste it all cuz its quite easy to do when yer dealing
    in such small amounts.. because of the way hash "steams" sort of.. it
    does make sense not to scorch yer hash with an open flame.. mix it with
    tobacco and smoke it in your grandads pipe?  maybe.. i dont think this
    is the brightest way to smoke hash but i imagine it could work fairly
    well...  a flat wood with an indentation kinda like an incense burner
    might work fairly well if you were patient...

4 - my absoloute personal fav cuz its just plain fucking *COOL* is to do
    B.T.'s.. its the first way i did hash and hash oil, and it will be the
    last cuz its the very best :>  yet funny, i have *NEVER*, not once, heard
    mention of bottle tokes on the web.. sure.. people got bongs and damn
    vapourizers and all this weird crap but no plain old simple bottle tokes.
    so heres what you do... find a bottle... plastic or glass your pic...
    glass is harder to work with and a bit weighty to carry in your coat
    pocket... but it also doesnt melt and stink like plastic can if your not
    careful.. so ill deal with each one seperately ..(pick your fav and go!)

    plastic - this is probably my most common choice just cuz its easy to
    do in a hurry.. take yourself a plastic water bottle, pop bottle, or
    some kinda plastic bottle.. (its usually good to have a top, unless your
    bright, in which case youll have noticed hash smoke sinks and cigarette
    smoke rises.. use this knowledge however you want, either way i keep
    tops cuz theres ALWAYS the dork thats gonna jostle you around in a car
    when your doing a B.T.) ... anyhow.. take a smoke.. fire it up.. now
    puff and blow really quickly and get it burned down about a centimetre,
    then puff on the end and blow away the ash so yer left with just that
    solid glowing heater.. take that sucker and burn a hole in the side of
    the bottle near the bottom.. hold it up there and GENTLY push once you
    see the plastic start to melt out of the way.. (make sure you removed
    any paper or wrapping from the bottle too)...  move the smoke around to
    make a hole bigger then the cigarette.. just large enough that you can
    easily fit a smoke in there and cover the excess up with your fingertips
    .. no need to be scientific here.. just make a damn hole :>  ...
    put yer cap on there and then get out yer dope.. if you have hash
    break off a bead as to yer liking.. but *NOT* too big.. make it bigger
    then the head of a pin but a FUCKING lot smaller then a tictac :>  if
    you make the bead too big the insides wont get used up in this method..
    and we all know this is *WASTEFUL* right? ... :-) ok now take your
    cigarette, really quickly puff exhale puff exhale puff exhale, then blow
    off the end so yer left with *JUST* a glowing heater.. (get used to this
    cuz doing b.t.'s yer gonna go through lotsa smokes :-) ... now take your
    bead and make sure its on a hard surface (smoke pack.. book.. friends
    leg.. whatever..)  now take the smoke and gently push the heater DOWN
    on the bead.. like horizontally lower the smoke and press the bead into
    the heater.... if you made a good solid bead and you blew off ALL the
    junk ash the bead will get STUCK to the heater.. if you are smoking oil
    take an unfolded paperclip or a pin, scoop up a bit of oil and like
    rub it ONTO the heater so it sticks nicely.. now stick your smoke
    WITH the bead on it into your bottle hole.. (make sure you dont drop the
    bead anywhere in transit.. this will always result in the owner of the
    hash mocking your waste of a toke)... now with the smoke in there.. you
    watch the bead closely... it will begin smoking under the heat and you
    will see it let off its own STREAM of smoke.. now the hash smoke will be
    thicker then any tobacco smoke in there....  and it will collect on the
    bottom of the bottle.. if its true hash the bead will most likely
    suddenly go red.. and then turn into ash.. or if its some kind of hash
    gum (like jamaican finger hash) it will simply stop smoking.. this is
    your cue to take the smoke out and cover the hole with your thumb.. blow
    off the ash from the cigarette (whoevers smoke it is might want to try
    and get anything left from the bead.. but there wont be any ok.. so dont
    bother.. heh)..  now tilt the bottle and watch the smoke ROLL down the
    bottle.. if its true hash and you werent shafted you will see a large
    ball of hash smoke floating around in there.. its quite pretty actually.
    now.. lower the ball down near the cap..(you want to toke the hash..
    not all the cigarette smoke that went in there :) .. now pull off the cap
    and put yer lips on the spout man... take your thumb off the hole.. and
    breathe in :-)  wh00h00 and yer hit with that happy hash head rush.
    if you are low on smokes its a good idea to do all of this quickly and
    pass the bottle/smoke on to the next dude cuz its extremely wasteful to
    go through a dozen smokes just to get stoned.. :>  i make a point of
    getting at least 6-8 B.T.'s off a single cigarette.. so you can too!

    glass - glass is probably better cuz no plastic fumes get in the way to
    stink up yer toke and what not.. to get a hole in a beer bottle heres
    a cool trick.. drop a dime in there.. let it slide down to the bottom,
    now flick the beer bottle upwards towards you in a sudden and even jerk,
    let the coin slide back down and flick again in the EXACT same way ..
    the idea being you want the dime to hit the same spot in the beer bottle
    many many times.. as you do this a soft spot will begin to crack through
    the glass and you can chip it out quite easily.. ive seen friends do
    this and form a PERFECTLY round hole in 30-50 flicks... i cant do it at
    all myself cuz i suck.. hehe.. or if you have it get a drill press and
    just drill a hole in there... if you have a small drill bit what you can
    do is just create a LITTLE hole in the bottle.. which you can in turn
    PLUG UP with the hash.. and then use a lighter to heat the glass around
    the bead... this would i guess be sort of like vapourizing cuz yer
    heating the hash up without burning it.. but whatever.. i use smokes cuz
    its a little easier to manage...  but once you got a hole in the glass
    bottle you do everything exactly the same as the plastic one... and
    have fun with that...

    B.T.'s are great when you are a moving kinda person.. like if your always
    out and about.. on the beach in the late evening is great.. or in a car
    any time.. on trails and just wherever you are... if your bottle is
    glass.. keep it.. for a long.. long.. long time. :-) you will soon no
    longer be able to see the insides of the bottle cuz of all the resin
    built up on the walls.. if you are a serious miser you can crack the
    bottle and scrape off the insides to have some seriously harsh gooey
    gum.. i never do that cuz i usually go through bottles left and right,
    and the shit you get out is fucking harsh as hell and doesnt really
    get you THAT high or anything... all in all id say B.T.'s are my fav
    way of doing hash.. not as effective as knives and not quite as soulful
    as smoking a joint.. but a good inbetween :>