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Making Basic Solvent-Extracted Hash
by Irkvid, 1996
Edited Nov 2002, by Erowid, added more fire safety info

To make a basic solvent-extracted 'hash' from dried leaves or dried buds:

Take dried marijauna and crush it up into a fine powder.

Put the powder in a jar with 100% pure Isopropyl alcohol, so the alcohol covers the powder.

Soak in a dark place for anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.

Pour the mixture through a screen onto a glass plate. A fine kitchen strainer or gold coffee filter work well.

Evaporate the liquid carefully. This can be done either by letting it sit out in a warm place or by heating it up. If you're going to heat it, be careful: it's flammable. Do it someplace with good ventalation, preferably near a kitchen exhaust fan that blows outside. A fan blowing over the top of a pan will speed evaporation, but can increase risk of fire.

Please Note: If alcohol or any flammable solvent is used, a fire extinguisher should be on hand, there should be consistent ventilation to keep fumes from building up, and open flames should be avoided. If heat is to be used, electric burners are far preferred. In a pinch, damp towels can be used to suppress flames on a pan, a metal pan lid to fit tightly over the pan being used, or a bucket of water. Even a spark from an electric fan can cause a fire and could result in a primitive flame jet.

Scrape up the tar with a razor blade or spatula. Try to choose a pan or bowl that won't be harmed by a razor (glass?).

If it is too sticky, add a little dry powder till it attains the consistancy of silly putty. Work it over and over. This seems to make it bind together. Practice makes perfect.

Use in any way you'd normally use hash!

This is better than any imported hash I've ever found. Burns slow at a low temp, so I think you get more THC. It makes a little pot last longer. I know people who go through a half an ounce weekly smoking the bulk material, a quarter will last a week if extracted. A different high altogether, light and trippy. Kind bud makes a gold tar and is SOOOO sweet!!!