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CK%                  Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

One thing you MUST know, though:  The Polizei in this country have
access to public utility records.  If they notice an increase in
electric consumption of more than a certain percentage (varying by
jurisdiction), they have a habit of coming to the door and saying:
"Excuse me Ma'am, but we've had complaints that you've been cultivating
marijuana here.  DO you mind if we come in and look around?"   If you
say "Yes", they come in and find your pot and you're screwed.  If you
say "no", they go to a magistrate and say "This person's electric bills
were $138.50 a month in May of last year; this year, they're $245.23.
When we went to ask about the discrepancy and the plastic he has over
his basement windows, he told us we couldn't come in."   *MOST* judges
will sign search warrants based on such flimsy affidavits.   Believe me,
I know.   I am an attorney in Louisville, KY, and it has happened five
times in the last three years THAT I KNOW OF.   There MUST be other
people out there who are being screwed like this who DON'T have me for
their lawyer!

Beware, Big Brother is *NOT* your friend!