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Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Robert Cain)
Subject: Re: cacti
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1993 16:01:40 GMT wrote:
: I am planning on growing some cacti soon and was wondering if anyone
: out in this virtual land has any experience with growing cactus from
: seed.  If anyone does and would like to post any comments or suggestions
: they would be greatly appreciated.  I regretably have little experience 
: in growing things of this nature and would like to have the best chance 
: for success the first time out.  If you would rather e-mail me info that
: would be fine.  I would even appreciate some advice on books which would
: give me the info I am seeking.  Once again thanks in advance.

I have 26 little T. peruvianus that I germinated from 100 seeds from
... of the jungle.  It was quite easy.  As a germination bed I used
commercial cactus mix in a 3/8" layer on the bottom of a pie plate that
I could seal with saran wrap.  Moisten, apply a half recommended
solution of Ortho Multi-Purpose Frungacide, DACONIL 2787, with a spray
bottle.  This need be done once but needs be done.  I lost seeds and
seedlings until I did this and my germination ratio would have been
much higher.  Sprinkle seeds on wet bed and seal with saran. Open once
a day to air out.  Sprouting will occur within a couple of weeks.  They
seem to have a remarkably difficult time getting their tap root into
the ground but don't worry, it happens.  They will reach 1/2" in
three months or so.  I transplanted half into separate containers at
that point and left half in the germinating bed for a total of eight
months.  Interestingly the ones left in the germinating bed grew taller
and thinner and overall slightly larger while the transplanted ones
gained more girth.  I just transplanted the remainder and moved them
outside at about seven months and the heavy duty noon day CA sun gave
them a pretty serious sunburn, they were turning purple,  I moved to
partial shade and they are recovering nicely.  I have no idea how long
it will take until sufficient maturity but the fall should tell
something.  These little cuties are perfectly legal (as cacti.)



Bob Cain   408-358-2007