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Ltd Ed 'Solve et Elucido' Art Giclee
This reverberating psychedelic giclee print is a gift for a
$500 donation to Erowid. 12" x 12", stretched on canvas, the
image wraps around the sides of the 1" thick piece. Signed
by artist Vibrata, and Erowid founders Earth & Fire.
Amitriptyline (Elavil)
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Amitriptyline #
Two generic 100 mg amitriptyline tablets bearing the imprint "M/38"
Photo by dcw. © 2009
Color photo of pile of 25 mg Amitriptyline tablets sold under the name Trypyanol. [Japan]
Photo by Mean Cinderella, © 2001
Nice photo of a small pile of 25 mg amitriptyline tablets imprinted with "2102 / v" next to coins for size. [USA]
Photo by Anonymous Photographer, © 2005
Color photo of the front and back of a 10 mg Amitriptyline tablet imprinted with "SL || 66". [Wisconsin]
Photo by Malformed, © 2002
Color photo of blue 10 mg Amitriptyline tablets [Canada]
Photo by FB Wen, St Thomas Ontario, © 2003
Color photo of an amitriptyline tablet.
Photo of the warnings on the side of an Amitriptyline bottle. [Wisconsin]
Photo by Malformed, © 2002
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