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Salvinorin: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
by D.M. Turner
#7  D.M. Turner - 850 mcg. Salvinorin with 40 mg. 2C-B

The next psychedelic I tried Salvinorin with was 2C-B. While on 2C-B. but prior to commencing this experiment, I asked the Salvia entity whether it was appropriate to use her at this time. Almost immediately after I'd begun meditating on this question she appeared in all her radiant splendor, took me for a ride through the Salvinorin realms, and left me with a very definite "yes" as her answer. Earlier I had consulted her while high on ecstasy and was advised that it was not an appropriate time to smoke Salvinorin.

I smoked 850 mcg. of Salvinorin and was immediately transported into a dimension where I shared the consciousness of the Salvia entity. My awareness was spread throughout the labyrinthine maze of her roots, stems, and leaves, in connection with many other plant forms. I found myself on the brink of infinity, a sensation I have felt several times now on Salvinorin but had previously only felt on Ketamine at this level of intensity. I had the perception that when I smoke Salvinorin, the Salvia entity and myself actually trade/share consciousness for a period of time. While I'm being taken for a fantastic ride by the Salvinorin. the Salvia entity is simultaneously taking a ride while experiencing through a human reference. I had the feeling that Salvia enjoys being smoked when the smoker's mind is open to take her on pleasant psychedelic journeys and to experience the unique philosophical perspectives which are often attained while tripping.

Soon I found myself in a realm that was filled with fairie and elfin creatures. I enjoyed playing with these critters which had a highly distinctive visual appearance. These elves were quite different from those I've frequently encountered while on DMT. They were composed of numerous different elements, were quite abstract, and each was uniquely intricate. The DMT elves tend to form intricate patterns if viewed as a group, being composed of a smaller amount of body-part shapes which are usually replicated in each elf The Salvinorin elves were dressed differently than the DMT elves and acted more goofy and playful They were composed of many soft hues of color, where the DMT elves tend towards contrasty radiant elements. There was one critter that looked like a dressed hamster. I could see that his body was sewn from rough burlap cloth. He was bursting at the warns in a few spots, and I could see the loose thread and a bit of stuffing starting to come out. This seemed not to bother him however, as he 'was quite happy and animated. The Salvinorin elves' energy was also different. They seemed just as playful and friendly as in a child's dream, without the enchanting/mischievous trickery of the DMT elves.

As I was watching the elves they began to mutate, and I went through an experience which in the practice of Celtic magick is known as dark faerie. Initially the elves turned into bat/rodent-like creatures. I recall looking at the unsightly detail of their faces and "ears," and soon was seeing nothing but bat mouths, teeth and throats, as though I was being eaten by bats. This experience was not frightening in any way, as I was identifying as witnessing consciousness, but it certainly wasn't what I'd call a beatific psychedelic experience either. Next I saw myself looking into the talons, beak and throat of an owl, and then the talons, beak and throat of a hawk. It soon dawned on me that I had just ascended from the center of the earth. The flying animals that I saw were successively habituated first in caves below the ground, then moving higher into the sky. During this transition I also went from night to day. Whatever I was must have been quite tasty to all] of these flying creatures. Something I've now noticed on many Salvinorin journeys is that the transition from plant to human consciousness, which inevitably occurs as I return from each journey, is seen as a descent from a higher to a lower level of awareness and being.

Upon returning from this Salvinorin journey I felt a very strong connection with the Salvia plant. I desired to have a similarly strong connection with N.N. DMT and decided to smoke some at that time. I had one of the most cosmic DMT experiences of my life. In this vividly recalled journey I passed through several clearly defined dimensional boundaries into what was, for me, previously unexplored territory.

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