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Salvinorin: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
by D.M. Turner
#8  D.M. Turner - 30 mg. N.N. DMT
(subsequent to smoking Salvinorin)

I loaded my pipe and smoked 30 mg. in three tokes. I entered DMT space and was greeted with the usual pantheon of critters and objects. Recollection of my recent Salvinorin journey and desire to connect in the same way with DMT was basically forgotten as I watched the elves moving about. These elves and other creatures didn't seem to be doing anything of particular interest or meaning, and looking past them I saw some doors from behind which came occasional flashes of bright, colored light. A friend of mine had recently remarked that he thought the DMT elves were primarily there to distract one from entering the deeper aspects of DMT experiences, and that he'd been successful in moving beyond them by willing the elves to let him pass. This was in my mind as I said to the elves "Let Me Through. Let Me Through...." I had to repeat this several times with lots of force, even saying it out loud.

Eventually the elves reluctantly let me through, and as I passed though a doorway I was admitted to a vast dimensional space. At this point I seemed to be flying. I was disembodied consciousness, and I scanned this new space to hone in on any beings that might be present. Soon I came across some angel/guardian type beings. I recall there were about seven of them. They looked like blobs of light. somewhat gray in color and sort of egg-shaped. They appeared solid from a distance, but on closer examination I saw that their bodies were made of closely packed fibers. These were connected at the center but apparently could open at any point on the outside of their bodies. They seemed to be part computer. part robot, part flesh/brain matter. But all of these elements were blended into one living whole. When I came into their territory these beings briefly glanced over at me, as if saying "what's all this commotion," then went back to their tasks, seemingly ignoring me. It seemed that they were busy watching over everything that happens in our space-time dimension, and occasionally making minor adjustments to keep everything in line.

Anyway, my thrust of will which had propelled me past the elves and through the door into the guardian's space, continued propelling me out through the back of the guardian's realm and into another time space dimension. When I first entered this new time-space dimension I encountered its guardian beings. These beings looked similar to, but slightly different than, the guardians from our dimension. There were about 50 to 60 of them, and they reacted very differently to my appearance. These beings were quite surprised to see me, primarily because I had not come from the dimension that they were guarding, but had come in from the back side of hyperspace. They all huddled together as if in conference, trying to determine if it was OK to let me pass. Eventually they decided, with hesitation, that I could continue on, and I swooped down into a foreign planetary system.

I came to a planet that was highly evolved, both scientifically and technically. The place I entered into was some type of research center, and my attention was focused on some large metallic pods that were being moved in and out of racks by elaborate robotic arms. Bach of these pods was something like an isolation chamber. They were shaped like large coffins about eight feet long, although with rounded edges. The oval cross sections were about three feet wide. The beings who used these pods looked exactly like humans. The pods were filled with a foam-type material which was connected to the sides of the pod. and also contacted the entire skin surface area of the person inside the pod. The foam was serrated, and I understood that it served as a conductor of food, water, heat, medicines, etc. between the pods' technical systems and the person resting in it. These pods were also cold chambers. They were not for cryogenically freezing a person, but put them into some type of suspended animation. It was soon impressed on me that the whole purpose of these pods and this research center, was that this was the method the people here used to increase the level of DMT in the brains of the pod sleepers. One fortunate enough to be a research subject would go into a pod for weeks or months at a time. The DMT levels in their brain would be significantly increased, and they would spend their time having the most fascinating dreams! This research that was taking place was considered the most serious aspect of this society's evolution.

I entered into the mind of a person inside a pod. It was a woman who appeared to be about 25 years old. As I went into her mind and became aware of all I've described above, she simultaneously became aware of much of my world. This was the first time her society had ever had contact with an earthling. And it was quite a shock and discovery for her to find out that there were other people who didn't need to go through the elaborate technological process of increasing DMT levels through suspended animation, but simply smoked the stuff and could collect it from any of several plants. It must have been a bit embarrassing for her. Initially I thought that she must have asked her guardians to let her pass into another dimension as I had done. Although on further thought, it seemed that I had come to her dimension on my own power, and was quite possibly invading her space. She may have been a bit taken back by this, as well. Almost instantly she wanted to leave her pod to announce her discovery to the rest of the research team.

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