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Mushroom Pioneers
by John W. Allen

The author would like to thank Jonathan Ott of Natural Products of Vashon Island, Washington for his time and consideration in re-editing this book prior to publication. Furthermore, the authors also give special thanks and appreciation to Jodi Meadows and to Rodman Reynolds for their assistance in editing the original manuscript. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Wolfgang Bauer of Germany for his help in several of the European authors biographies and the loan of several photographs for this book. Thanks go to Tjakko Stijve for the loan of his images, and for the French Review of the CD-ROM version of this book. And a special note of gratitude to my dear friends Linda Dear, Jan and Lome Nilsson, Gastón Guzmán, Jochen Gartz, Roger Liggenstorfer, Herman de Vries, Geoffrey Brooke, Mark Merlin, David Tatelman and Richard Evans Schultes, Paige Powell and Jonathan Ott for the use of some of their photographs and drawings and to the unknown photographers who took many of the pictures of the author with these scholars.

Fig. 69. Joanne and Steven Peele
(the latter is curator of the FMRC).