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Ayahuasca: alkaloids, plants & analogs
assembled by Keeper of the Trout
Trout's Notes A-5

Formerly (1998-2001) entitled: Trout's Notes on Ayahuasca & Ayahuasca Alkaloids.
This webversion includes material that would have been incorporated into an updated Second Edition in 2004.
Assembly, edits & commentary by Keeper of the Trout

A public education project from MydriaticProductions with the cooperation & sponsorship of Erowid

Photo copyrighted by Zariat and was reproduced with permission.

"The plant is cultivated and lasts forever."
A comment by a Colombian Siona; concerning Banisteriopsis caapi. Bristol 1966

Dedicated to the vine in respectful memory of Dr. Richard Evans Schultes

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Important Warning for Our Readers

This work is presented for educational and informational purposes only.

Direct applications of some of the procedures discussed in this book or the simple possession of certain alkaloids, such as DMT, might place one in direct violation of state and/or federal laws in some countries.

Violation of such laws can result in serious fines, lengthy imprisonment and/or loss of property. Readers are strongly urged to learn their applicable local laws and to petition for the redress of those laws they object to or else move to a country that values & respects religious freedom.

Many bioassay reports were collated in this work. The fact that some person, or people, somewhere in the world, ingested the plants mentioned and lived does not indicate that such combinations are recommended or that they are safe; only that the respondant survived to talk about it.

Some of the plants mentioned within this work are in fact toxic and potentially dangerous.

This work is not intended to encourage, advocate, stimulate or promote either drug use or abuse.

It is intended to provide factual information to better enable readers to understand this area and to make informed choices.

Educate yourself and take whatever steps are necessary to protect your freedom, health & safety.

"More than you want to know?"

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