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Erowid Extracts
November 2009, Number 17
Letters & Feedback-
Recent News & Updates2
    Changes to Mexican Drug Law
    Argentine and Latin American Law
    Deaths from False 2C-B-Fly
Prior Exposure to MDMA May Block High-Dose Neurotoxicity3
The Teafærie: Impulse4
Sampling Carbogen: A Group Trial with CO2/O2 Gas6
Near Death? A Carbogen Experience Gone Awry8
Psychoptic Reveries: Book Recommendations for Lovers of Visionary Art10
N2Oily: Nitrous Oxide Chargers--Residue and Usage Surveys12
5-MeO-DMT is Not "DMT": Differentiation is Wise16
    5-MeO-DMT and N,N-DMT Experience Report Excerpts17
M. Stolaroff and A. Hofmann: Perspectives on Psychedelics18
Psychoactives 101: GHB Concentration and Dosage21
The Distillation22
    Outreach Serves Visitors and Erowid23
    New Wave of Research Chemicals24
    Monthly Announcements Get a New Look25

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