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April 17-20, 2018
Semana Psicoactiva 2018
Bogota, Colombia
Ministry of Health, Bogota & Acción Técnica Social
Seven events and 10 plenaries covering a diversity of topics related to psychoactives and Latin America including drug policy reform, cannabis, coca, harm reduction, indigenous uses of sacred plants, new psychoactives substances, and more.
April 21, 2018
Who is Tobacco? Ways of Seeing this Twilight Plant
Occidental, CA, USA
Botanical Dimensions
A look at various tobacco species and their traditional roles, myths and powers, with ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison.
May 4-6, 2018
Museum of Drug Policy
Mexico City, Mexico
Open Society Foundations
a pop-up arts and cultural hub featuring live programming and art from around the world that highlights how drug policies impact and shape our communities.
May 4-6, 2018
science+fiction Festival der Wissenschaft
Basel, Switzerland
University of Basel
2018 theme is "intoxication", exploring "what drives people around the world to get intoxicated - and how was the intoxication culture in antiquity?"
May 15-17, 2018
Club Health
11th International Conference
on Nightlife, Substance Abuse and Related Health Issues
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Multi-organizational hosting and sponsorship
Focusing on the wide range of issues that affect the health of people in nightlife settings including alcohol and drug use; sexual health; violence and anti-social behavior; management and design of nightlife settings; late night transport; staff training; and international nightlife tourism.
May 24-25, 2018
Exploring Psychedelics
Ashland, OR, USA
Martin Ball, PhD, adjunct professor of religion at Southern Oregon University
Created as an event where diverse perspectives on psychedelics could be explored and discussed openly and with an eye toward challenging the logic of prohibitionist laws against these unique plants and substances.
Jun 22-23, 2018
Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium
Los Angeles, CA, USA
UCLA SSDP chapter & MAPS
Experts in the field of psychedelic science educating a diverse audience about current evidence-based research, in addition to medicinal and therapeutic applications.
Jul 21, 2018
Big Botanical Beings:
The Roles of Ayahuasca, Peyote & Magic Mushrooms in Times of Change
Occidental, CA, USA
Botanical Dimensions
Workshop with ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison. Considering the roles of these plants and fungi from an animistic point of view, in indigenous history, contemporary culture & global consciousness.
Jul 30 - Aug 5, 2018
O.Z.O.R.A. Festival
Dádpuszta, Hungary
Multi-stage "psychedelic tribal gathering" with speakers and workshops.
Aug 10-12, 2018
Detroit Psychedelic Conference
Detroit, MI, USA
Detroit Psychedelic Community
Exploring new trends and technologies in the psychedelic community, bringing together diverse speakers from around the world to share expertise in the entheogenic world. This year's theme is Entheogenics in Urban Environments.
Oct 13-14, 2018
Colloquium on Psychedelic Psychiatry
Stockholm, Sweden
Nätverket för psykedelisk vetenskap [Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science]
First ever Swedish conference on the use of psychedelics in psychiatry.
Oct 18-21, 2018
12th National Harm Reduction Conference
New Orleans, LA, USA
Harm Reduction Coalition
Multidisciplinary conference focused on improving the health of people who use drugs.
Nov 3-4, 2018
KRIYA Ketamine Conference
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
KRIYA institute
A conference devoted to understanding ketamine as a treatment for various psychiatric disorders, and as a tool for spiritual exploration.
Nov 2018
Nights 2018 [Stadt Nach Acht]
Belgium, date/location TBA
Nightlife Empowerment & Well-Being Network, Club Commission Berlin & Stadtnacht
Integrates perspectives for a healthy, safe and sustainable nightlife and brings together different stakeholders in the field including researchers, practical experts, and governmental agency representatives. (European focus)
Nov 6-9, 2019
Reform Conference
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Drug Policy Alliance
The International Drug Policy Reform Conference is a biennial event that brings together people from around the world who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. In 2017 it brought together 1,500 attendees representing 50 different countries.

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