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Horizons NYC
(Oct 9-11, 2015) in New York City

With presenters discussing psychedelic research, cognitive liberty, drug policy, and more, this annual New York event offers something for everyone.
Latest Additions
Ergoloids (AL-LAD and LSZ), an indole derivative (5-IT), phenethylamine relatives (2C-EF and TCB-2), an entactogen (5-MAPB), and benzodiazepines (flubromazepam and pyrazolam) are representative of a broad range of novel compounds hitting the marketplace in recent years.
Searchable, transcribed PDF of Dr. Alexander Shulgin's Pharmacology Notebook #6, covering 1983-1984. The Pharmacology notebooks contain reports and trials that were used as source material for PiHKAL and TiHKAL, including details and information never before published. Thanks to Shawn for his continued work on this project!
During its peak, the Hive was one of the most influential web forums covering chemistry, synthesis, and pharmacology of psychoactive chemicals. Active 1997-2004, it had thousands of members and was infamous for its groundbreakingly detailed and explicit discussions. This long-awaited read-only snapshot is fully functional, with private info redacted.
More New Content
  1. PeakAL: Protons I Have Known and Loved--50 Shades of Grey-Market Spectra
    A highly technical multi-year analysis of grey-market research chemicals using NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), an extremely precise method for identifying substances. Excellent, world-class work by Stephen Chapman and Arabo Avanes. IsomerDesign is a sponsor of Erowid Center's EcstasyData project.
  2. Analytical Glimpses of "Molly" and Research Chemicals
    An EcstasyData update that first appeared in Extracts; gives an overview of this Erowid project's objectives and trends. Utilization of EcstasyData continues to increase and transform since the early days of tablet-only testing.
  3. alpha-PVP Vault
    Information about the relatively new research chemical and euphoric stimulant also known as "Flakka". Includes info about its history, legal status, and chemistry.
  4. Servers, Challenges, and Privacy
    One of the important ongoing tasks at Erowid is to maintain the servers that make our online resources available to almost 20 million unique visitors each year.
  5. Darrell Lemaire Vault
    After years of quietly working on anti-depressants, cognitive enhancers, and psychedelics, Erowid and Team Shulgin are pleased to present the story of a previously low profile member of the unapproved research community.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets, research chemicals, and other drugs, and publishes the results online. 2015 will have the highest number of analyzed samples in the history of the project.
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