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Erowid Monthly Announcement : Jul 2013
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Several supporters have stepped forward to offer a matching grant of $24,111 towards our Wisdom Cycle project. Donations of $125 or higher made by August 31st will be doubled. Donate to help us make the most of this challenge. It's going to be a tough goal to reach!

In the real world, where people choose to use psychoactive drugs, we must explore what choices lead to positive, beneficial experiences.

Erowid Center's "Wisdom Cycle" project is gathering the views of elders who have used psychedelics, recording what they think about their lifetime experiences. Our goals are to compile statistical data, to collect first-hand stories that provide the world with more in-depth and personalized understanding of the risks and rewards of psychedelic use, and to distill the collected knowledge into practical lessons for younger generations.

To read more or to contribute: Erowid.org/wisdom_cycle
Drug Geek Factlet
France's Breathalyzer Law Just Hot Air?
In July 2012, France passed a law requiring all motorists to carry in their vehicles at all times a kit containing two single-use, breathalyzer tests, with at least one unused. Implementation of the fine for non-compliance (around $14.50 USD) was initially postponed due to a shortage of breathalyzers, and then in January 2013 it was announced that implementation of fines was postponed indefinitely. France's legal BAC limit for drivers is 0.05%.
Palenque Norte
(August 27-30, 2013) at Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV

Since 2003, Palenque Norte has hosted lectures by visionaries, scientists, artists, and great thinkers from across the globe. In 2013, presentations will be held at Camp Soft Landing.

ReForm 2013
(October 23-26, 2013) in Denver, CO

A gathering of more than 1,000 people who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. A great opportunity to learn about drug policy and strategize.
Latest Additions
Last summer chemist Dr. Dave Nichols retired from his professorship in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology at Purdue and relocated to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before his lab was dismantled, Jon Hanna and Tania Manning interviewed him for Erowid.
Seventy-six years ago on July 18, Hunter S. Thompson came--kicking and screaming--into the world. Erowid celebrates the birthday of this incomparable American author and Gonzo journalist with a new character vault.
Author Ernst Junger, who coined the word "psychonaut", waxes poetic in this chapter from his 1970 book Annaherungen. Drogen und Rausch (Approaches: Drugs and Ecstatic Intoxication). Translated from German into English by Stephen Slater.
Crew Notes
As Burning Man enthusiasts ready themselves for another installment of lectures at Palenque Norte--founded by psychedelic podcaster Lorenzo Hagerty--it seems appropriate to point Erowid readers toward Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate, a new film by Tom Huckabee and George Wada that charts Lorenzo's spiritual journey from flag-waving, devout Catholic businessman to radical flower child and small "a" anarchist, following an accidental MDMA overdose in 1983.

From the Vaults
With Burning Man on the summer horizon of 2013, Erowid reflects on the incredible photo opportunities this event has provided us during the years since we first attended in 1995. Until 2000, Burningman.com ran on the same server as Erowid.org, and as of 2013 we still share server rack space. It's been a few years since Erowid has had a presence on the playa, but the Burning Man spirit (in the form of alkali dust) is still very much with us.
More New Content
  1. Shulgin Lab Book Contest
    We need your help finding interesting images and notes from Sasha Shulgin's Pharmacology note books. Prizes for most interesting finds and transcription errors!
  2. Psilocybin-Mushroom Fatalities / Deaths
    Few deaths have ever been connected to the pharmacological action of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. A case report attributing the death of a heart transplant recipient to the taking of these mushrooms brought out three known cases.
  3. 5-IT Fatalities / Deaths
    According to the EMCDDA, 24 deaths were reported as associated with this new and relatively uncommon psychedelic stimulant in Europe and the UK in 2012.
  4. 5-MeO-DALT Fatalities / Deaths
    A case report was published identifying a behavioral death following 5-MeO-DALT ingestion, after a young man walked into traffic.
  5. 1961 LSD Experience Case Reports
    A curious set of case reports detailing LSD experiences from 1961 written from the perspective of the nurses attending during the administration of LSD to the patients.
  6. UK Announces Plan to Ban Khat (Catha edulis)
    Home Secretary Theresa May announced that she plans to ban Catha edulis in the United Kingdom, making it a Class C drug.
  7. Amphetamine Bits and Pieces
    Quick note that the UNODC reports that 2011 had the highest seizures world-wide of amphetamine type stimulants. We also note that amphetamines were used widely in World War II by all sides in the conflict. Some media reports stress Nazi use, but the US, UK, and Japan also all used amphetamines.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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