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Psychedelic Visions from the Teacher
A Neuroscientists's Initiation to Reality and Spirituality
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Bruce Eldine Morton
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2013(pb,1st ed,f)
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Megalith Books
PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS are the altered states of consciousness produced by psychoactive substances, including LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and mescaline, and by meditation and prayer.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS have been seen by countless thousands of seekers who generally consider them to be revelations of a non-material, supernatural, spiritual realm, quite separate and often in conflict with scientific objective reality.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS content varies with the intellect, background, and education of the person receiving them, leading to highly variable accounts and interpretations.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS have never been described by a working Neuroscientist until the fifteen year synthesis of over 50 visions provided in this book. They provide the basis of a 4000 year upgrade for religion, unifying it again with science.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS, as experienced by Professor Morton, are for the first time seen to be fully compatible with objective reality; that is, once the current scientific world view is radically reformatted in the form of Neuroreality, a transformational context for existence, bridging brain and mind, science and religion.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS emerge from the unconscious wherein resides the mortal, genetic, social brain-based Teacher, the Other, our Higher Power, Source, Holy Spirit, God Within.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS from the Teacher are ever-illuminating, never-the-same views of the nature of reality and our place within it, and are meant to improve and complete us.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS from the Teacher provide fresh insightful answers to the Big Questions, such as Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What should I be doing?

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS unravel and resolve the origins of our subconscious pain and anxiety, thus eliminating our need for self-medicating addictions.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS place us at the event horizon of an eternal universe of infinite levels, each with unique occupants and emergent laws.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS uncover the 5-dimenisional elements producing behavior, mind, and life.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS reveal how and why our Dual Quadbrain produces survival-optimizing, moral behavior through its Society of Seven, earlier associated with chakras.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS place us in the position to see what our Teacher wishes us to know, tailored to our level of development.

PSYCHEDELIC VISIONS from the Teacher enable us to love ourselves and others, and to live a compassionate fulfilling life.