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Erowid has collected 100,000 submitted experience reports!

Thirteen years ago, we developed the software behind the Experience Vaults, targeting it to support 100,000 entries. At the time, that seemed a long way off. Thanks to the thousands of contributors who have shared their stories, and the hundreds of volunteers who filter, edit, and categorized them, Erowid's collection of first-person reports about the use of psychoactive plants and chemicals is by far the largest and most diverse in existence.

Covering 600 different substances, the top five with the most published reports are psilocybin mushrooms (1846), cannabis (1673), Salvia divinorum (1592), MDMA (1429), and LSD (1267). On the other end of the spectrum are 62 substances where only a single report has been published; these are often more exotic compounds like AH-7921, allylescaline, gamma-crotonolactone, trihexphenidyl, xenon, 5-MeO-DET, and myrrh.
In History... This Month!
Freidrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner discovered morphine. (May 21, 1805)

Albert Hofmann signed the employment contract that began his 42-year stint working for Sandoz. (May 1, 1929)

Aldous Huxley took his first dose of mescaline, 400 mg. (May 6, 1953)

Gordon Wasson's magic mushroom article appeared in LIFE Magazine. (May 13, 1957)

Aldous and Laura Huxley's home in the Hollywood Hills burned down, destroying Aldous's 400-volume library and all of his manuscripts, except for a draft of his last book, Island. (May 12, 1961)
4th Annual Hemp History Week
(June 3-9, 2013)

Hemp History Week is a nation-wide education campaign that seeks to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S., with grassroots celebrations in numerous cities.

Harm Reduction International 2013
(June 9-12, 2013) in Vilnius Lithuania

A key event for those interested in harm reduction around the world. The theme of the 2013 event is 'The Value/s of Harm Reduction'.
Latest Additions
Published from 1977 through 2000, Flipside was the longest- running U.S. punk rock zine. Countless musicians and bands graced its pages. But of more pointed interest to Erowid users, Flipside also regularly ran articles about psychoactive drugs. Recently having scored a small stash of issues from 1994 and 1995, we have archived some relevant articles in our library.
Published in 1965, this research progress report titled "Use of Psychedelic Agents to Facilitate Creative Problem Solving" is substantially more detailed than what appeared the following year in Psychological Reports. Indeed, we were surprised to discover some non-trivial details that didn't make it into the peer-reviewed version! Erowid is happy to make the original report on these study results available for the first time online along with our commentary about the differences between it and the subsequent journal article.
Another lab book produced by Sasha Shulgin from the 1960s through the the 1980s, is now available in a digital, fully searchable edition. Of Pharmacology Book 3, Shawn--Erowid's lab book transcription project lead--remarks: "This is the first one where I've been able to decipher all of Sasha's writing, no 'missing' words in this one at all. I hope everyone enjoys it!" Also, see our contest in Crew Notes.
Crew Notes
Erowid is holding a contest to help pick out interesting content in the Shulgin lab and pharmacology books that we have published online. There's so much content in Sasha's lab books, we need the Erowid community's help to find pages and content that they think others would be most interested in.

For the top most interesting finds, there will be prizes such as an autographed Visionary Synthesis poster; a previously unpublished photo of Sasha sitting in his lab signed on the back by Fire, Earth, and the lead chemist from the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute; as well as Erowid T-shirts and gift items, depending on the number of submissions and interesting selections found.

Submissions to the contest should be sent to with "Shulgin Lab Book Contest" in the subject line and must include the lab book number, page number, a brief snippet from your text choice, and a description (50-100 words) of why it's interesting or curious. The top ten runners-up will receive Erowid memberships including Erowid Extracts by PDF. Small prizes will also be given for transcription errors found in the texts.
From the Vaults
Sunrise, sunset... Our "From the Vaults" selection focuses on characters contributing to psychoactive studies who have come or gone in the month of May.

Elizabeth Gips, psychedelic grandmother (b. 5/5/1922 - d. 5/27/2001)
Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia, Merry Prankster (b. 5/6/1946)
Sidney Cohen, LSD researcher (d. 5/8/1987)
Nick Sand, former illicit sacrament chemist (b. 5/10/1941)
Leo J. Zeff, underground psychedelic therapist (b. 5/14/1912)
Wavy Gravy, hippie clown (b. 5/15/1936)
Ralph Metzner, psychedelic researcher (b. 5/18/1936)
Harry Anslinger, Father of the Drug War (b. 5/20/1892)
Marcia Moore, ketamine researcher (b. 5/22/1928)
Bill Richards, entheogen researcher (b. 5/22/1940)
James Fadiman, psychedelic researcher (b. 5/ 27/1939)
Sir Humphry Davy, nitrous oxide researcher (d. 5/29/1829)
Bob Wallace, psychedelic philanthropist (b. 5/29/1949)
Huston Smith, entheogen scholar (b. 5/31, 1919)
Timothy Leary, psychedelic prophet (d. 5/31/1996)
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    Information about the newly FDA approved weight-loss drug which has hallucinogenic properties.
  2. DOC Fatalities/Deaths
    DOC (2,5-dimethoxy-chloroamphetamine) is a highly potent psychoactive substance with effects lasting 12-24 hours. Although there are few deaths directly associated with DOC, it is also uncommon as a street drug and therefore it's not known how common serious health risks could be among those who try it.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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