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Photo by Jon Hanna, 2011
Photographer Unknown
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Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia
Introduced to psychedelics after taking ibogaine while working in Stanford University's organic chemistry department, Carolyn "Mountain Girl" (MG) Garcia was "on the bus" from 1964 through 1967. Trekking across California on Furthur, she helped facilitate the legendary "Acid Tests". During her exploits with the Merry Pranksters, MG and Ken Kesey had a daughter. She settled in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in time for the Summer of Love. She later had two daughters with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, who she married in 1981, and amicably divorced from a few years before he passed away in 1995. Participation in intentionally chosen communities continues to inspire MG--she maintains her interest in the Oregon Country Fair and the Hog Farm.

A cannabis fan and activist, MG wrote The Primo Plant: Growing Sinsemilla Marijuana. First published in 1977, and still in print, it's a straightforward classic on the topic.

MG is widely regarded as an entertaining speaker, with a wry sense of humor, endless font of stories, and impressive collection of counterculture photographs. She has presented at various gatherings geared toward psychoactive drug enthusiasts, including Cartographie Psychedelica, CoSM's Honoring the Divine Feminine, Deep Green, the Psyche-delicatessen, Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, the World Psychedelic Forum, X-Kosmos, and various salons and congresses produced by the non-profit Women's Visionary Council, of which MG is the president. She is also on the board of directors for the Rex Foundation and the Further Foundation.

Author of (Books)
  • The Primo Plant: Growing Sinsemilla Marijuana (1976)
  • The Primo Plant: Growing Marijuana Outdoors (1998)
  • Articles (About)
  • "Mountain Girl: Her Tale Begins in Hyde Park" by John W. Barry, Poughkeepsie Journal (Aug 2009)
  • "Summer of Love: 40 Years Later: Carolyn Garcia (Mountain Girl)" by Joel Selvin, (May 2007)
  • "Garcia's Ex-Wife To Get $1.25 Million: 'Mountain Girl' had Sued Star's Estate" by Jim Doyle, The San Francisco Chronicle (Oct 1998)
  • "She Never Got Off The Bus: The Hard Life and High Times of Carolyn Garcia" by Cynthia Robins, The San Francisco Examiner (May 1997)
  • "Grateful Dead Star's Death Leads to Battle Where It's . . . GARCIA VS. GARCIA" by Erik Ingram, The San Francisco Chronicle (Dec 1996)
  • Audio
  • "The Dead, and the Sixties" at the World Psychedelic Forum (2008)
  • Interviews
  • "So Much Fabulousness Along the Way" interviewed by Dale Rangzen for Cannabis Culture (Aug 2011)
  • "Carolyn Garcia" interviewed by David Gans for the Grateful Dead Hour (Jan 1997)