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Drug Geek Factlet
A recent letter to the editor in Drug Testing and Analysis discussed how MDPV, a component of some so-called "bath salt" products, can trigger false positives for PCP in screening immunoassay urine tests. The authors' investigation revealed that what originally appeared to be puzzling spikes in reported PCP use in some areas could actually be attributed to this cross-reactivity of MDPV.
(Sep 27-30, 2012) in Philadelphia

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research
(Oct 6-7, 2012) in Amsterdam

(Oct 12-14, 2012) in New York
Latest Additions
Traveling in South America offers opportunities to touch on or dive into the culturally rich and politically complex mash-up of the traditional and modern use of psychoactives. A sampling of images, from entheotourism to coca plantations.
Two fairly uncommon research chemicals were added this month. 5-IT was recently linked to fatalities in Sweden; as yet little is know about the circumstances surrounding the deaths. We are seeking experience reports for these substances.
New character vaults have been posted for the social anthropologist and ayahuasca expert Beatriz Labate, the Team Shulgin research assistant Tania Manning, and the reincarnation therapist and ketamine proponent Marcia Moore.
Author/artist Mister Strange leads readers into a darkly illustrated series of curious experiments with "elf spice", through the eyes of the protagonist psychonaut and his four friends: a shaman, a psychologist, a theologian, and a scientist.
Crew Notes
We're conducting a micro-survey about contact with discarnate entities, ghosts, angels, faeries, aliens, etc. Whether you've had that experience or not, consider filling out this 5 question survey:

As part of the archiving projects, and as part of working on a new version of, we've added the experience reports from to the database of Erowid Experience Reports. This collection provides accounts of ecstasy use from the mid-1990s, a period not yet well represented in the Vaults.
From the Vaults
In the 1990s, 1,4-butanediol was sometimes sold as a mislabled "natural herbal high". More recently, an inhalable hallucinogen called Borametz was used as a major plot device in an episode of the sexy off-beat SyFy fantasy, Lost Girl.
More New Content
  1. The Shaman Who Turned Into a Frog: a Promise of Patented Medicine
    Part personal account, part historical overview of the period when kambo (secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog) was gaining attention in larger Brazilian cities after migrating from Amazonian villages.
  2. MDPV Drug Testing Vault
    Though MDPV is not specifically tested for in the standard 'SAMHSA-5' or 12-panel drug tests, it can sometimes trigger false positives for PCP, which is tested for in standard tests.
  3. Back to the Future, on Acid
    In this 1978 letter to the editors of the Journal for the Protection of All Beings, time-traveling archivist Michael Horowitz reports from his "vision" of 1993's 50th anniversary party celebrating the discovery of LSD.
  4. The Void, the Bright, and the Confessions
    Short book reviews of first-person tales from explorers of hyperspace. If you like to read experience reports or enjoyed PiKHAL and TiKHAL, you may like these titles by Zoe7, Marcia Moore, and Sheldon Norberg.
  5. Pentagon Report about Use of Drugs on Gitmo Prisoners
    A summary describing a recent Pentagon report about the use of psychoactive drugs on Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Includes the full Pentagon report as a pdf.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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