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On April 19, 1943, the inventor of LSD, Dr. Albert Hofmann, took the first intentional acid trip after swallowing 250 ug. As the effects came on, he left his workplace at Sandoz laboratories and biked home. Since the early 1980s, this landmark event has been celebrated by counterculture aficionados as "Bicycle Day".

We wish you all a happy 69th anniversary of Bicycle Day and we are taking this opportunity to renew our pledge--to work together with researchers and psychoactive users alike to gather and publish quality information about the history, science, and use of psychoactive plants and chemicals. Please join us in reducing the harms and improving the benefits associated with these substances by submitting an experience report or image, participating in surveys, providing corrections, telling people about Erowid, or making a financial contribution.
Drug Geek Factlet
Using newly created legal powers, the UK Home Office has temporarily controlled methoxetamine for one year. Methoxetamine is a chemical that has gained popularity over the past year as a replacement for ketamine, especially in the United Kingdom. This is the first use of the UK's new instant temporary scheduling power.

There has also recently been a novel prosecution of a group of people using a website called "the Farmer's Market" for selling illegal drugs internationally online. From 2006 to 2010, they used Hushmail, then switched to the anonymizing web browsing system called TOR. Originally built by the Navy, TOR is funded partially by the US Defense Department to provide privacy support for dissidents worldwide. The indictment for selling cannabis, LSD, and MDMA through the Farmer's Market does not indicate how the group's security was breached. As far as we know, this represents the first major prosecution of any of the public black markets available via TOR.
11th Annual New Living Expo
(April 27-29, 2012) in San Francisco, CA

Chicago Screening of Dirty Pictures and Shulgin Fundraiser
(May 18, 2012) in Chicago, IL
Latest Additions
The "smart drug" GABA receptor agonist Β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid (Phenibut, Noofen) is sold as a nutritional supplement in the United States and prescribed as an anxiolytic and sedative in Russia.
Psychedelic archivist Michael Horowitz has been researching, reading, and writing about psychoactive plants and chemicals since the 1960s. He was Timothy Leary's archivist, has written several books, and continues to be involved with spreading information in this field.
"Phanerothyme" advocate Lisa Bieberman worked with Leary in the early 1960s. Over the course of nearly a decade, she wrote and edited several publications and ran her own organization, which provided practical information on the use of LSD and other psychedelics.
Ethylphenidate is a lesser-known cousin of methylphenidate (Ritalin). While it has been sporadically available on the research chemical market, it is also formed when methylphenidate is co-consumed with alcohol (ethanol).
Crew Notes
During the last week in March, Jon Hanna and Tania Manning visited Jean Stolaroff in Lone Pine, California, where they dropped off a hard copy of Erowid's index to the Stolaroff Collection. We are happy to have recently completed this stage of cataloging Myron Stolaroff's invaluable papers, and we look forward to actively making more of the materials available online.

The New Living Expo being held in San Francisco will feature presentations by Erowid crew member Jon Hanna, board member Jennifer Dumpert, and friends including Ann Shulgin, Dale Pendell, Ralph Metzner, and Daniel Pinchbeck.
From the Vaults
Despite its small scope, the CIA's MKULTRA project is central to the history of psychoactive drugs because it touched so many key figures involved with the early psychedelic movement.
More New Content
  1. First Interview with Albert Hofmann for English-Language Audience
    In 1976, Michael Horowitz interviewed Hofmann for High Times, a first for an English-language publication. Despite Hofmann's initial misgivings about having the conversation appear in a magazine that celebrated illegal drug use, he eventually agreed. It offers a thorough account of the creation of LSD, as well as his discovery of psilocybin/psilocin in mushrooms and ergine in morning glories.
  2. Lisa Bieberman Biography
    This is the full-length version of the biography of Lisa Bieberman. A shortened form appears as the main text at the top of her character vault.
  3. 2C-I-NBOMe Vault
    Following an increase in use of this extremely potent 2C-I analog, we've disambiguated it from the NBOMe Series. Its vault includes Dose, Effects, and Law pages. Until recently our info on the NBOMe Series concentrated on 2C-C-NBOMe, which now also has its own vault.
  4. Teatime - The Faerie's Cherry
    The Teafaerie's first encounter with psychedelic synchronicity. Describes a classic psychedelic apotheosis scene.
  5. He Has Ridden!
    A travelogue by Rak Razam of visiting Basel on the occasion of Dr. Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday and the international LSD conference. Written in January 2006.
  6. ONDCP - National Drug Control Strategy Archives
    We've archived the available National Drug Control Strategy reports issued annually by the ONDCP.
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EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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