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Erowid Monthly Announcement : Mar 2012
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As expected, we're still working to find funding to help us recover from the death of a major funder a few months ago. We need leads for major donors or grants AND the contributions of visitors, as Erowid is primarily supported by small individual donations.

Thank you to the active community at Reddit.com/r/Drugs, who came together to donate $1711 after the last Erowid Monthly.

We've received several useful suggestions for individuals and organizations to approach about contributing towards our mission, but we still need more brainstorming and ideas from Erowid supporters. (donations@erowid.org or Erowid.org/donations)

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Earth & Fire
Co-founders, Erowid Center
Drug Geek Factlet
Well-known conservative televangelist Pat Robertson has stepped forward to support the legalization of cannabis, stating that the U.S. has gone overboard with its tough-on-crime stance.


On a related note, there has been additional action on five synthetic cannabinoids that were temporarily placed into Schedule I a year ago. The temporary scheduling, which expired at the end of February, has been extended until August 29. The DEA has also formally proposed that these chemicals be permanently scheduled. Interested parties may submit comments:


Toward a Science of Consciousness
(Apr 9-14, 2012) in Tucson, Arizona


Psychoactivity IX
Shamanism, Visionary Plants, and Altered States of Consciousness
(Oct 14-21; Oct 25-Nov 1) in Nepal


The Shulgin Blotter Art Fundraiser
(Multiple 3-day auctions spanning Apr 7-21, 2012) Online

Latest Additions
Erowid has been without an internal search engine for more than two years, due to no-longer-supported software among other issues. Since the major search services increasingly cross-index and aggregate user data across sites, an internal engine is important for the privacy of our visitors. Using Solr-Lucene and Sperowider, JL has wrangled our new search engine into working order, and with feedback from users, it will continue to be improved over upcoming months.
Published from 1991 through 1996, the zine Pills-a-go-go covered pharmaceuticals, vitamins, amino acids, and other pill-related topics, often focusing on their recreational uses. Erowid has recently archived all but two of the 23 issues of this publication.
The topics covered in counterculture author Jim Hogshire's writings have ranged from facing prison time to growing opium poppies. His zine and book Pills-a-go-go featured "a cultural study of pills". Learn more about him in this new character vault.
While less commonly reported than PMA, PMMA's presence in ecstasy tablets and "legal high" products, as well as the length of time it takes to come on, may lead to some people redosing and unknowingly risking an overdose.
From the Vaults
In the early morning hours of March 2, 2012 psychedelic researcher Gary Fisher passed away peacefully. Fisher was a psychologist who did pioneering work in the late 1950s and early 1960s treating children suffering from schizophrenia and autism by administering LSD or psilocybin. Since its creation last year, Fisher's character vault has remained one of the "top twenty" most-visited on Erowid. We recently added more content to his vault, including some rare documents scanned from the Stolaroff Collection.
More New Content
  1. The Shulgin Index Vol. 1: Appendix B
    An updated list of links for state statutes related to the scheduling of phenethylamine psychedelics. First published in The Shulgin Index, which is currently being prepared for its second printing.
  2. MDMA & Sildenafil Health Update
    After a recent paper showing sildenafil (Viagra) blocked neurotoxic effects of high doses of MDMA in rats, we updated this page with a new section about the research. We don't have many experience reports for this combination, so if you know someone who has taken the two together, encourage them to submit a report.
Erowid is frequently mentioned in articles and books. These mentions may be reviews, recommendations or the use of Erowid as a reference.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes these and other test results online.
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