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The Erowid crew has been keeping busy this summer with home repair tasks, when not taking short jaunts to assorted festivals. During August 18-26, Erowid volunteers Alicia Danforth, Pedro, and others will be helping Jon Hanna staff an Erowid Center information booth at the Boom Festival in Portugal, where Hanna will also moderate a panel discussion, "Frontiers of Medicine--The Role of Psychedelics and Sacred Plants". If you're at the festival, check us out.
Drug Geek Factlet
Since the mid-2000s, a psychoactive stimulant named "mCPP" has shown up in some illicit ecstasy tablets. As if that sort of adulteration weren't annoying enough, in July, Streetwork Zurich tested a tablet with a music note logo that contained a nearly identically named herbicide "MCPP". Did an ill-informed producer or laboratory confuse an herbicide (MCPP) for the similarly named stimulant (mCPP)?
Upcoming Events
Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics (September 24-26) will again be hosted at Judson Memorial Church in NYC. Speakers have been announced and tickets are on sale; see details at
Latest Additions
A Swiss lab takes a particularly sophisticated approach to examining the contents of drugs in a party context. Includes graphs showing trends in over 1700 samples tested on site by the mobile lab.
The short-acting psychoactive effects produced by a mixture of the common gases carbon dioxide and oxygen remind us that consciousness is a fragile knitwork of body, mind, and environment. Includes descriptions of two adverse events, one serious.
The Club Health conference had something for everyone, from risk reduction groups working directly with the public, to researchers studying the public health impact of nightlife behaviors.
K. Trout unpacks the peculiarity of a plant (Synadenium grantii) that was passed off as Erythroxylum coca in some ethnobotanical circles in the late 2000s.
Crew Notes
Volunteer transcribers of the Shulgin Lab Books are working as fast as books can be scanned, and they can use more help! Volunteer for transcribing

Erowid is looking for reports describing experiences with newer research chemicals. Submit a report: Submit a report

From the Vaults
Adapted from a talk given at Mind States VI, San Francisco, 2005. Covers principles like paying attention to where data comes from, admitting what you don't know, and being wary of overly simplistic messages.
More New Content
  1. GHB Concentration and Dosage
    Overdosing is a real risk with GHB and related substances. One problem is confusion caused by the use of volume to describe dosage.
  2. Teatime: Evolving the Vision (Jedi Temple speech)
    The Teafaerie travels to the Amazon and unfurls her vision of an ayahuasca-inspired university.
  3. Issue #17 of Erowid Extracts Now Online (PDF)
    The November 2009 issue of Erowid Extracts is now publicly available in its entirety in PDF form. Become an Erowid member to access this unique publication as it is first released.
  4. Index of All Previous Erowid Extracts Articles (PDF)
    This PDF index lists all Erowid Extracts articles published to date, organized by topic and by article title. Useful for finding articles related to specific areas of interest.
Ecstasy Data
EcstasyData is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street ecstasy tablets and publishes the results online. Tablets can be submitted for testing with a $40 copay.
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