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Drug Geek Factoid
The Meixner test is used to detect the presence of α-amanitin, a deadly mushroom toxin, in either mushrooms or bodily fluids. This toxin is found in poisonous, non-psychoactive species of Amanitas as well as in poisonous look-alikes of some Psilocybes. Unfortunately, the Meixner test registers a false positive in the presence of psilocin and other 5-substituted tryptamines, making it useless for distinguishing poisonous species from psychoactive species that contain psilocin.
Latest Additions
This 250-page book contains a huge number of quotes, excerpts, facts, experiences, and references about Salvia divinorum that originally appeared in The Entheogen Review. It includes some gems like Jonathan Ott's description of participating in a Salvia divinorum velada in Mexico (pg 66).
This short article provides an update on the history and mission of Erowid Center, and describes one of our new projects, the Erowid Expert Network (EEN). The EEN is a moderated and reviewed network of experts in fields related to psychoactives who wish to share their knowledge.
"Book 2" of Dr. Shulgin's lab books has now been added to Erowid. It includes many self-reports of Dr. Shulgin's trials to determine general activity and dose levels of various substances. Here is a taste of the lab book's contents as well as links to the full text.
A collection of short experience reports illustrating different approaches to the use of tobacco and nicotine. Some of these reports are radically removed from more common forms of use and include experiences with transdermal tobacco, homemade snuff, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches.
Crew Notes
We have just begun the process of collecting, sorting, and cataloging Myron and Jean Stolaroff's vast archive of letters, writings, and ephemera related to Myron's research into consciousness and psychoactive drugs. Earlier this month, we borrowed thousands of documents from the Stolaroffs and have begun to prepare them for eventual digitizing and online publication.
More New Content
  1. Major Update of Salvia divinorum FAQ
    New and revised information about metabolism, contraindications, drug testing, chemical content, clones, acetone and DMSO tinctures, extraction, price, "X" extracts, and more, as well as new resources and references.
  2. What To Reveal: The Case for Disclosing Substance Use to Your ER Doctor
    Two toxicologists describe how withholding key information regarding illegal substance use from emergency physicians can result in a patient receiving inappropriate treatment.
  3. Teatime: Are We Recording? Hit Record.
    The Teafaerie makes the argument for creating primary records of psychoactive experiences explaining that every bit of data brings us closer to understanding the Big Picture.
  4. Santo Daime Wins Court Decision
    A U.S. District Court judge rules that the U.S. Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) protects the Santo Daime's use of ayahuasca as part of their sincere religious practices.
  5. Growing Salvia divinorum from Seed
    Salvia divinorum is usually propagated through clones and rarely grown from seed. This article examines historical and practical aspects of S. divinorum cultivation.
  6. Lost in Jonathan Ott's Footsteps: Acetone Tinctures of Salvia divinorum
    A series of bioassays meticulously documented by Zhah. Includes some results of GC/MS analysis of the extract used. Originally appeared in the final issue of The Entheogen Review.
  7. In the Name of Science (Nicotine)
    Brief summaries of research looking at the urge to smoke while drinking alcohol, and at nicotine's complex interactions with the brain's reinforcement systems.
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center that conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes the results online.
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