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In History...100 Years Ago Today
On Feb 26th, 1909, the International Opium Commission concluded hearings in Shanghai. The Commission, gathering delegates from 13 countries, represented the first major international meeting on drug prohibition. Their findings included that: "the use of opium in any form otherwise than for medical purposes is held by almost every participating country to be a matter for prohibition or for careful regulation".
Latest Additions
Salvinorin B ethoxymethyl ether is a novel and unusually potent artificial salvinorin with an extremely limited history of human use. This new vault includes an article from The Entheogen Review and a Basics page discussing the substance.
For those concerned about health issues related to smoking, a solid-state, non-electric device can make vaporizing more convenient. First appeared in the June 2008 issue of Erowid Extracts.
This article, first presented at a conference in Colombia in 1985, has historical value as one of the first academic examinations of the Uni„o do Vegetal.
Photos and a description of items in Dr. Shulgin's archive of objects and documents related to the chemistry of psychoactives. A fun look at analytical reference standards!
Crew Notes
We're excited to have added a new Erowid crew member to handle the shipping of membership gifts. This frees up other crew members' time, and helps ensure that gifts are sent out promptly. Welcome Blšk!
More New Content
  1. Updates of Basics Pages
    All Basics pages have been updated to Erowid 3.0. Where information is missing, it is now made explicit that a summary is needed.
  2. Teatime: What Dreams May Come
    The Teafaerie grapples with the topic of death, and how it comes up around psychedelics from a number of different angles.
  3. The Psychedelic Resource List (PRL) [PDF]
    The PRL was published from 1996 to 2004. Even though much of the PRL is now extremely dated, it offers a glimpse of the psychedelic scene during the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  4. Ann & Sasha Shulgin Speak [PDF]
    An interview of Ann and Sasha Shulgin conducted by Fire and Earth Erowid at Mind States Costa Rica in June 2007.
  5. Dangers of Oral Psychoactive Toad Venom
    Deaths Associated with a Purported Aphrodisiac
    Two documents addressing how oral consumption of Bufo toad venom is ineffective and can be dangerous, with some fatalities having been reported.
  6. Propranolol Vault
    Recent research with this common beta blocker suggests it may be useful in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder.
  7. Ask Erowid
  8. The Experience Vaults (103 new)
Ecstasy Data is a project of Erowid Center which conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets and publishes the results online.
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