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Erowid Announcement #78
Apr 19, 2007
A day of milestones...

Happy Bicycle Day!
On the 64th anniversary of Albert Hofmann's ground-breaking deliberate ingestion of 250 ug of LSD, we celebrate the bursts of inspiration and courage that fuel the progression of scientific discoveries.

Erowid Center application on its way to the IRS!
After many months of meticulous work, countless revisions, and many meetings with lawyers, Erowid Center's application for 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit status was mailed off to the IRS today. To say we are relieved is putting it lightly. Now we wait for a response from the IRS...

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth

Erowid Needs Your Help!

Funding is very low. We need to raise $5-10,000 in April. While all is well at Erowid, the much-needed addition of a new crew member last fall has put a greater strain on our finances than usual. Basic memberships start at only $25. Donations of any size help. Contributions can be made by credit card, check, cash, or PayPal.

In addition to new members, we're hoping to find a larger ($2,000+) contributor to sponsor a matching donation offer in the next month.

  1. Caffeine and Dopamine Necklaces Are Here!
    New Gift for Ally-level Memberships

    Artist Raven Hanna of Made With Molecules donated these lovely sterling silver molecule necklaces as gifts for Erowid members who contribute $125 or more. Our thanks to Raven for her support!

  2. Psychoactives, War, & Covert Operations Vault

    Links, documents and history about the weaponization of psychoactives and the role of psychoactive incapacitants and deliriants in war and intelligence operations.

  3. Psychoactives & Covert Operations Timeline

    An interesting timeline showing the development of the study and use of psychoactives in covert operations by the CIA and other government organizations.

  4. Psychoactives & Assault Vault

    Links and documents related to psychoactives and assault, primarily in the context of sexual assault and rape.

  5. Investigating Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault

    An article from the Rape Investigation Handbook by Pittel and Spina discussing various aspects of drug-facilitated sexual assault including investigation procedures.

  6. The Erowid Review
    Three new book reviews were published:

    "Chemical Warfare", reviewed by Lux

    "The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate'", reviewed by Lux

    "Harm Reduction Psychotherapy", reviewed by D. Cameron

  7. Placebo & Nocebo Vault

    A new vault documenting the placebo and nocebo effects and their influence on psychoactive substances. Includes comments, journal articles and links.

  8. Comments on the Placebo Effect

    A short description of both placebo and nocebo effects and the way they can impact psychoactive substance use and our experience of the world.

  9. BZ Basics

    Basic information about BZ (3-quinuclidinyl benzilate), a potent long-lasting psychoactive used in Army research though not known to have every been deployed in the field. Another result of Lux's recent fascination with the use of psychoactives in warfare and covert operations.

  10. Salvia divinorum Timeline

    Historical milestones for this plant that is getting so much attention in state legislatures.

  11. Three psychoactive law-related articles

    "Approaches to Drug Induced Mental Impairment in Special Circumstances Cases"

    "The Impact of Drugs on Mental State Defenses"

    "Fact or Fiction" an article about drug testing from the Army Times

  12. DOI Drug Testing

    Includes unverified anecdotal mention of DOI causing false-positive on MDMA test.

  13. Ayahuasca Preparation from Ayahuasca Forum

    Preparation of B. caapi & M. hostilis compiled by an Ayahuasca Forum member from Forum posts.

  14. Ask Erowid: "What's growing in my GHB?"

    A short discussion about possible microbial contaminents of street GHB.

  15. New Image Vault Additions
    One new image was added:


  16. Art Vaults

    Three new artists were added to the Visionary Art Vaults this month.

    April Featured Artist: Tyler Gentry

  17. New Online Books in Library/Bookstore

    Was? Tun! Konkrete Erste-Hilfe-Tips bei Drogenproblemen, by R.R. Rippchen

    Journeys into the Bright World, by Marcia Moore & Harold Antounian, MD

  18. 313 New Experience Reports

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Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets.

Between Mar 13 and Apr 19, results were posted for 13 new tablets.

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