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Erowid Announcement #68
Jun 30, 2006
Friends of Erowid,

Ok, so it's the "slightly late June announcement". To paraphrase the old aphorism: time flies when you're too busy. We hope everyone else's June was full of slack and relaxation.

With the latest issue of Erowid Extracts out the door and mostly in members' hands by now, the last issue, Extracts 9, is now available online. See below for more details.

The new issue is focused on the primacy of personal experience in the study of psychoactives: the survey as measurement, meditation as tool, and the first-person report as transcript. Get your copy by becoming a member:

As always, we welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Erowid Extracts

    Issue #10 of Erowid Extracts was sent to members in June, so issue #9 from November 2005 is now available to read online in PDF format. Individual articles have also been added to the vaults:

    a) How Do They Measure Up? Examining Drug Use Surveys and Statistics
    Part I: The Sources

    Part II: The Problems

    This two-part article deconstructs (for the layperson) where the primary drug use statistics in the U.S. come from and how they are compiled. Sounds dry, but it's a good read, honest!

    c) Recent News & Update

    Includes a description of DEA uses of Erowid images.

    d) Rumor and Ethic: Careful Communication as a Harm Reduction Measure

    Awareness-raising tips for peer-to-peer communication about psychoactive plants and chemicals.

    e) Ask Erowid: What Is the Shelf Life of Peyote?

    Examination of historical sample sheds light on the longevity of mescaline in peyote.

  2. Art Vaults

    One new artist was added to the Visionary Art Vaults in the last month.

    June Featured Artist: Richard Marchand

  3. The Erowid Review
    The Erowid Review, our book review publication, has new editors! Scotto, the founding editor, has moved on to other projects, although he'll still be acting as a contributing editor. Thanks for all your work Scotto!

    The new Senior Editor is Erik Davis, author of the new Visionary State ( Spoon will be acting as Managing Editor, and Gordon is Assistant Editor.

    This month, two book reviews have been posted:

    "Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines", reviewed by Jon Hanna

    "Pharmacophilia, or The Natural Paradises", reviewed by Jon Hanna

  4. New Image Vaults
    Two new image vaults were added:

  5. New Image Vault Additions
    Fifty-six new images were added, including:

    Acacia maidenii
    PCP-dipped Cigarette
    Two Bottles of DOI Used in Pharmacology Research
    Banisteriopsis caapi
    Anadenanthera colubrina seedpod
    Vial of 2C-C Powder
    2C-T-4 Crystals

  6. Three Books Added to the Library / Bookstore

    "Exploring Inner Experience", by RT Hurlburt & CL Heavey
    "A Psychonaut's Guide to the Invisible Landscape", by Dan Carpenter
    "Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of Ancient S. America", by Torres & Repke

  7. 273 New Experience Reports

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:
Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets. (requires a $30 co-pay)

Between Jun 1 and Jun 30, no new results were posted.

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