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Erowid Announcement #66
Mar 22, 2006
Friends of Erowid,

In our last email we said we'd soon be starting a new matching donation offer. We're happy to announce that an Erowid supporter made the following matching donation offer.

New members who contribute $33 will have their donation *tripled*, or they can contribute $50 and have it doubled as well as receiving an Erowid t-shirt or mug. Both of these levels will result in a total of $100 of support for Erowid. For new or renewing members, donations of $125 and higher will be matched. At the $125 level, members can receive a signed copy of Dale Pendell's new book Pharmako/Gnosis. At the $250 level, members can received the entire signed Pharmako trilogy. For details:

Thanks to the contributor who is backing this offer as well as to Dale Pendell for offering signed copies of his book at cost to help with this fundraiser. All donations go to support the continued upkeep and development of the website and public information about psychoactives. If you've been meaning to join or renew, now is a great time to make the most of your donation!

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Spring 2006 Matching Donation Drive

    Donations of $33 & $50 are matched for new members. Donations of $125 & $250 are matched for new or renewing members. For donation at the $125 level, members can request a signed copy of a Dale Pendell's new book Pharmako/Gnosis, or the signed Pharmako trilogy at the $250 level.

    With the publication of Pharmako/Gnosis, Dale has completed the third book in his Pharmako trilogy. Described as "coyote wisdom" by author Erik Davis, these books are a collection of Pendell's thoughts, musings, and experiences, in a fusion of prose and poetry. Although some have criticized his work for not being encyclopedic enough (in part because he emphasizes his own experiences in working with these powerful mind alterants), Pendell has created a truly unique body of work that self-consciously styles back to pre-20th Century texts.

    Speaking at a recent small conference, we had the pleasure of seeing a poetry reading / performance by Dale and Laura Pendell. They read from their published and unpublished poetry, in a poetic dialog about sensuality, mushrooms, and a sort of zen appreciation for plants and the passing years.

    Perhaps the most memorable moment was when Dale read from the DMT chapter of Pharmako/Gnosis. He captured his experience with this overwhelming and powerful substance well, describing not only his internal experience, but what he looked like from the outside: screaming, incoherent babbling, flailing of arms.

    We're very pleased to be able to offer signed copies of his books in conjunction with the new matching offer!

  2. DOC Vault

    Includes Images, Bits & Pieces, Law and Dose pages for this uncommon relative of the phenethylamine DOB.

  3. Flurazepam Vault

    Includes Basics, Images and Law pages for this benzodiazepine anxiolytic.

  4. Art Vaults

    Four new artists were added to the Visionary Art Vaults this month.

    March Featured Artist: Jim Lemons

  5. The Erowid Review
    Two new book review were published:

    "Busted! Drug War Survival Skills", reviewed by Midevil

    "The Secret Chief Revealed", reviewed by dogbreth

  6. eScottology - "What Would Acid Do?"

    March installment of the monthly column by Scott O. Moore.

  7. New Image Vaults

  8. New Image Vault Additions
    64 new images were added, including:

    Hofmann 100th Birthday Blotter

    Large Psilocybe cubensis

    Midazolam Bottle

    Fentanyl Patch

    LSD Microdots from Scotland

    Psilocybe aztecorum


  9. Three Books / Videos Added to the Library / Bookstore

    "Pharmako/Gnosis", by Dale Pendell

    "Tales from the Trip Side" (video), by Resonant Media

    "The World of Acid" (video), by Edgar Beatty

  10. 109 New Experience Reports

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