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Erowid Announcement #65
Mar 01, 2006
Friends of Erowid,

February was a very full month at Erowid with lots of site updates happening behind the scenes. Additionally, we've been watching psychedelic research that we've had a small hand in move slowly towards publication, we've been helping mediate in some continuing community controversies, and we spoke at a small conference presenting results from some of the same surveys we described at the LSD Symposium in Basel.

Most excitingly, an Erowid supporter has just offered a new matching grant. Details will follow in a week or so.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Summary of Supreme Court Ayahuasca Decision

    UDV Wins Supreme Court Decision supporting their use of Hoasca Tea while their court case is under way.

  2. bk-MDEA Vault

    New vault added for bk-MDEA ("ethylone"), about which little is known.

  3. Updated "What's New" - 3.0

    Updated "What's New" system provides enhanced search and browse features and the ability to subscribe to What's New by topic, via RSS.

  4. Casey Hardison Vault

    New character vault added about entheogenic activist, unauthorized researcher, and psychedelic chemist Casey Hardison. Includes the European Court of Human Rights Application Parts II-VII that Casey submitted, arguing his fundamental human right to engage in his chosen entheogenic religion.

  5. One New Ask Erowid Question
    What is in the "cough syrup" that is associated with hip-hop culture?

  6. eScottology - "Happy Birthday"

    January installment of the monthly column by Scott O. Moore.

  7. Art Vaults

    Nine new artists were added to the Visionary Art Vaults this month.

    February Featured Artist: Kati Astraeir

  8. The Erowid Review
    Two new book reviews were published:

    "Ayahuasca Analogues: Pangaean Entheogens", reviewed by Justin Case

    "Higher Wisdom", reviewed by Lorenzo

  9. New Image Vault Additions
    Nine new molecule images were added, including:




  10. Ten Books Added to the Library / Bookstore

    "Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries", by George E. Mylonas

    "Spirits of America", by Nicholas Warner

    "Opium: A Journey Through Time", by Colin R. Shearing

  11. 89 New Experience Reports

  12. Announcement: Brain Awareness Week March 13-20

    Promoting the benefits and difficulties of having a brain. An Erowid crew member runs one of the partner organizations for this international effort to advance public awareness about brain research.

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Between Feb 01 and Mar 01, results for 3 pills were posted.

The Ecstasydata project's funding ran out August 1st, 2005. We are no longer accepting pills sent in for testing and are currently seeking grants to support this important project.

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