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Erowid Announcement #62
Nov 21, 2005
Friends of Erowid,

The end-of-year matching gift offer has returned! Designed especially to encourage site visitors who have never contributed to Erowid before, for the next six weeks, qualifying $33 donations will be tripled, and qualifying $50 donations will be doubled.

This is a great opportunity for students and others who can't afford to give much but would like to take part in keeping information about psychoactive plants and chemicals freely available. We hope this matching grant, offered by an anonymous donor, will help us reach our goal of 1,250 Erowid members by the end of 2005. For more details, see:

Meanwhile, Issue #9 of Erowid Extracts has just been shipped to members. Make sure to renew now to receive your copy.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Laptop Update
    Thanks to everyone who responded to our search for a new laptop. Special thanks to Azure for donating a recent Gateway laptop and to Braided Matrix for contributing a used G3 laptop.

  2. Erowid Extracts #8

    Issue #9 of Erowid Extracts was sent to members last week, so issue #8 from June 2005 is now available to read online in PDF format.

  3. Cannabis and Psychosis

    A look whether or not cannabis use can be connected to psychiatric illnesses such as psychosis.

  4. Erowid: 10 Years of History

    An article, on the occasion of Erowid's 10-year anniversary, about the history of the project.

  5. Erowid's Process of Re-Visioning

    A short description of our attempts to take a fresh look at what the Erowid project is doing and how it might change.

  6. One New Ask Erowid Question

    Dutch cannabis cut with strange filler material?

    An erowid crew member describes looking into the question of whether some cannabis from the Netherlands is being cut with filler.

  7. eScottology - "Is This Some Kind of Drug Thing?"

    October installment of the monthly column by Scott O. Moore.

  8. Art Vaults

    Ten new artists have been added to the art vaults this month.

    November Featured Artist: Fred Weidmann

  9. The Erowid Review
    Four new book reviews were published, including:

    "The Antipodes of the Mind", reviewed by John Horgan

    "Eating the Flowers of Paradise", reviewed by Jon

    "Maximizing Harm", reviewed by Stephen Young

  10. 15 Books Added to the Library / Bookstore

    Tibetan Sacred Dance

    Witchcraft Medicine

    Trance Formation

  11. Five Videos Added to the Library / Bookstore


    21st Century Prohibition: "We're just doing our job"

  12. 110 New Experience Reports

  13. New Image Vault Additions
    Six new images were added, including:

    A group of P. semilanceata

    Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg)

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:
Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets.

Between Oct 15 and Nov 20, results for 3 pills were posted.

The current funding for ran out August 1st, 2005. At this point we are no long accepting pills sent in for testing. We are currently seeking grants to support this important project.

Please see for details on how you can help.

If you find Erowid a useful resource and are interested in supporting its future development, please consider donating or becoming a member.


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