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Erowid Announcement #55
May 17, 2005
New Mind States Ticket Offers

The Mind States Conference is a great opportunity to meet people from around the country who are involved in the field of psychoactive technologies. This year's event, titled "Technology and Transcendence", is the sixth in the series. It will be held in the Palace of Fine Arts, next door to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. The last event in the SF Bay Area (Mind States IV in 2003) was the best in the series so far and we're looking forward to another fun and interesting event.

Though Erowid is not involved with putting on the Mind States conference, we will be there all weekend with an Erowid table. Sylvia Thyssen, a contributing editor for Erowid, will also be speaking.

Mind States VI : "Technology & Trancendence"
San Francisco, CA : Palace of Fine Arts : May 27-29

  1. Buy a MindStates Ticket at $275 & Erowid Gets Half !

    For the last week before the conference, Erowid and MindStates are offering special tickets:

    Normal priced tickets of $275, purchased through the Erowid website between May 17th and May 26th, will generate a $135 donation to Erowid.

    Purchasers of these Special Tickets will receive an Ally-level Erowid membership, which include a one-year subscription to our newsletter (Erowid Extracts) and two gifts such as a book, t-shirt, or mug.

    * Note that tickets purchased through the normal Mind States website will NOT be eligible for this offer.
    * Tickets must be purchased on or before May 26th so they can be available at Will Call.

  2. Work Trade Tickets Available for $60 & $120

    This year, because of the larger size of the venue, MindStates needs more people to help out. A limited number of work trade positions are still available at two levels:

    More Work: $60 for a 3 day ticket : 14 hours of work in total, split between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Less Work: $120 for a 3 day ticket : 7 hours of work in total, all in one day or any two days split between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Both work-trade opportunities require participation in an orientation meeting either Thursday morning, May 26th or Friday morning, may 27.

    Though Erowid does not receive any money from work-trade discount tickets, work-Trade offers an inside opportunity to meet the presenters and interact with other participants. See the Mind States URL below for details:

    Please mention in the notes field that you heard about the work-trade offer through Erowid.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Earth, Fire, Sylvia, and the Erowid crew


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